Saturday, 30 January 2010


I came across this machinima that is in a long list of the ever increasing examples of how Second Life is Life imitating Art imitating Life imitating Art.

' Dinner for One' is an original theatre sketch written by British author Lauri Wylie . Amazingly, this was written in 1920 and maintains its comedic value. In 1963 a German television station recorded a performance of this comedy sketch which became not only well-loved and oft watched but also became somewhat of a cult piece in various parts of Europe. The first video clip is created by Wichtel-Film Productions, courtesy of Megan Merlin, a machinimist in Second Life. The likeness to the real television clip is uncanny. I suggest watching Megan's version and then the original television version.Grab some popcorn, sit back and enjoy!


  1. Haha..this is a classic. I was on tv every new years eve in Sweden when i was a kid. I actually played this scetch in highschool 3 years in a row as we where going to the christmas break. What i remember most was how difficult it was to remember when to stumble on the tigers head, and when not to. Also grabbing the champagne bottle in one motion after stumbling was very hard.

    The second year we played it and i did the first Admiral Von Schneider toast, i slammed my feet so hard that the heel on the shoe flew off and i had to do the rest of it limping with a broken shoe. Great memories :)

  2.!! I thought this was soooooo funny!

  3. LOL Magnus!! What a great story...and must evoke the best kind of memories!!

  4. Yeah, i was set to be an actor until i was around 20 years old..when i discovered another hobby..women. I mean..rocket science..oh..well..