Thursday, 27 November 2008

!!!!!THE TRIBE ISLANDS CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!! 5th December 2008

Event Starts @ 3pm SLT

Location Breeze Cape (@ The Tribe Manor)

Order Of Dress


Running Order

3pm Max Kleene

4pm DJ Drift (Stop Laughing!!)

4pm-5pm World Record Attempt

5pm Dexter Ihnen

6pm until you drop Dancing and Music

the record attempt is to have as many people bouncing on their bouncers as the sim
can take at one time. We are hoping for a Linden to join us to verify our WORLD RECORD!!!

the small print.....Tribe cannot accept liability for damaged clothing knees or ego if you happen to fall off of your bouncer....we accept no liability for illnesses arising from people eating, sniffing, licking, ****ing or falling in love with their bouncers. Unwanted pregnancies that are due to intimate activities with a bouncer are your own responsibility...we may be able to supply land and little cottage at cost for your burgeoning family please refer your request to Alexxa Despres. Remember what goes up invariably comes down, in the event they don't contact LL not us!!!! Have a nice day!!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Time to....

go for that 'eat-way-too-much-I-can-hardly move' feeling this Thanksgiving! For our USA residents, we hope all of you have a bird that isn't dry ('s wishing that for the Aussies and Brits too....hee hee) , stuffing that is moist and tasty ( wow...never realized how universal these wishes were!) , and for a day of laughter, warmth and gratitude! Happy Thanksgiving!!! For a bit of fun, Take a peek here!! GOBBLE! GOBBLE!

Hugs and kisses.....From All at Tribe!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 24 November 2008


You are needed!!

Come DJ at the popular Island of RL Band SPACE JUNKY!Now seeking DJ's for various shifts, days and specialty sets.Come visit the island and the Galaxy Dome, have a look around.DJ's contact LadyRed Sautereau, Galaxy Dome Manager if you are interested.You need to have access to your own stream.All types of music entertained with the exception of 80's sets
SpaceJunky Island the island playground owned by the RL Australian band SpaceJunky.
Come visit the island and see their state of the art Amphitheatre,Buy Cds and SJ merchandise, or kick back at Mission Control with friends at their HQs. Shop the Plaza with great designers such as Bare Rose, Solanges, BDD Designs to name a few, or buy some great art at DeWitt Gallery, Hex. or Artist3D. Also visit Izzy Cole Photography and see pics of the band from shows or have your own taken!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Roll Of Honour- The Add To Picks Winners!!!

click the image above to tp to Tribe Wear and Enter (Instructions @ Site)



Prize Money Paid Out Thus Far $L1000
The names below are the winners on our weekly "ADD TO PICKS" Draws

Week Commencing 17th November 2008

Dorientje Woller
Angela Eldridge
Deniz Serpente
Toy Bimbogami

Week Commencing 24th November 2008

Monkeyman Marama
Spring Zessinthal
Nina2007 Beck
Serenity Craven

Week Commencing 1st December 2008

Storm Swansong
Katlyn Easerwood
Serenity Craven
Malchar McCullough

Week Commencing 9th December 2008

Ayla Swashbuckler
Electra Stryker
Papaa Dawg
Johnny Sabetha

Week Commencing 15th December 2008

Ariannie Andretti
Ricky Wittels
Loppy Zanzibar
Sasha Bouscario

Week Commencing 22nd December 2008

Kharzim Bahshir
Samnsara Dean
Kittyeyes Vyper
Stefan67 Streeter

Week Commencing 29th December 2008

Kendra Rascon
Majo Windlow
Elisabet Constantine

Goticacom Klaar

Week Commencing 5th January 2009

Pirate Ah
Bluebells Mayo
Nero Rodas
Cachivelez Potez

Week Commencing 12th January 2009

Izit Darkstone
MJose85 Avril
Biffette Gothly
Deniz Serpente

Week Commencing 19th January 2009

Charming Serevi
Blackgurl Enyo
Degree Ghost
Blondy Calamity

Week Commencing 26th January 2009

Rae Maven
Reddy Sweetwater
Ariannie Andretti
Rosalie Tungsten

Week Commencing 2nd February 2009

Bela Skytower
Blondy Clamity
Cassiie Adamski
Wakie Petrovic

Week Commencing 9th February 2009

Prue Core
Davey Burner
Soryn Alchemi
Badazz Inglewood

Week Commencing 16th February 2009

Rose Farquart
Benandante Tapia
Cullen Zuta
Cocolino2 Coba

Week Commencing 23rd February 2009

Lieke Enzo
Janneke Suserman
Warder Revestel
Samy Abbot

Week Commencing 2nd March 2009

Minatina Charmann
Kruze Parx
Therodie Core
Buda Barak

Week Commencing 9th March 2009

Heaven Jonstone
Loppy Zanzibar
Stephanie Honi
Liv Lowey

Week Commencing 16th March 2009

Kali Aichi
ISIS plutonian
Amstia Khandr
Kyasia Sahara

Week Commencing 23rd March 2009

neotr constantine
xrodia bravin
wbush denja
kali aichi

Week Commencing 30th March 2009

becca texan
DrBottle Carfield
Carlitos Writer
Mirelaryssa Delvalle

Week Commencing 6th April 2009

orson spore
Anrana Metaluna
My Exonar
Liv Lowey

Week Commencing 13th April 2009

Astral Luminos
Anrana Metaluna
Jack Dirval
Floortje Maertens

Week Commencing 20th April 2009

Angela Pinelli
Kaitlynn Caproni
Dand Inkpen
Teresa Dollinger

Week Commencing 27th April 2009

King Xigalia
Mark1 Foxtrot
Dakota Lubitsch
Markvini Bing

Week Commencing May 4th 2009

Poppy Coba
Baynot Cyberschreiber
Phoenix Slingshot
Donnie Texan
Week Commencing May 11th 2009

julis Benoir
Nana Aljon
Tracey Bloxome
Demone Darkstone

Week Commencing May 19th 2009

Accessaryman Renierd
Riemmeth Aldrin
Stefy Elcano
Bebe Begonia

Week Commencing May 25th 2009

Angelstar3 Stonewall
Rotting Neox
Pruella Burleigh
Kiera Okelli

Week Commencing June 1 2009
AnGels Usher
Cherri Jonson
Bud Bliss
Tiela Matova
Week Commencing June 6 2009
Blu Jupiter
Kramer Snookums
Miguel Tierbel
Alexander1982 Underwood
Week Commencing June 15 2009
Mama Sugar
Rai Blaylock
Pruella Burleigh
Buffy Spyker
Week Commencing June 22 2009
Queen Swashbuckler
Mercedes Avon
Skyy Quartz
Galia Caldwell
Week Commencing June 29,2009
Shorty Mavinelli
Magnis Wakowski
WildLord Denimore
Smockey Clowes
Weel Commencing July 6,2009
Mason Oskar
KP Spargel
Yari Avon
Eld Rider
Week Commencing July 13,2009
Griffin Lyle
Nay Westland
Brute Bigbear
erwan Skytower
Week commencing July 20,2009
Aja Direwytch
Erika Enimo
Anniezza Cobert
Rai Blaylock
Week Commencing July 27, 2009
Arianna Portilo
Stira Sleydon
Sierra Neximus
Max Dotterkelch
Week Commencing August 3, 2009
Kittyn Panthar
Dana Riiser
Kimmy Serdyuk
TortugaTom Macbain
Week Commencing August 10, 2009
Burke Wilkinson
Andre Brandes
Arun Botha
Rossan Caproni

Week Commencing August 17, 2009
Davi Colman
aa choche
Celeste Octavia
Nolan Bock

Week Commencing August 24, 2009
Achille Daviau
Ace Berger
Campbell Asbrink
Harker Gabe

Week Commencing August 31, 2009
Alexey Hancroft
Carson Boucher
Adama Dalglish
Shan Rennahan

Week Commencing August 31, 2009
Trista Auer
Vella Babii
Yuya Straddling
Saru Thorner

Week Commencing September 7, 2009
Tomsena Rae
Anne Tuttle
Karu Bookmite
Darscious Zeluco

Week Commencing September 14, 2009
Cowboy Nikolaidis
Moxing Mox
Jummy Gasser
Roscat Magic

Week Commencing September 21, 2009
Brion Docherty
Brin Vollmar
Tenk Flux
Airia Imako

Week Commencing September 21, 2009
Alfred Noe
Marsi Mint
Jeff Warden
Alicia Harb
Olddrtybastard Dogghouse

Week Commencing September 28, 2009
Olddrtybastard Dogghouse
Mars Wheeler
Tammy Arbenlow
crazycley Wheland

Week Commencing October 5, 2009
Kaylan Cusack
Danielde Karu
Tinkerbell Naidoo
Dean Pinelli

Week Commencing October 12, 2009
Joge Crescendo
Raymond Zsun
Zoey Xue
Kaell Bedrosian

Week Commencing October 19, 2009
Stacia Sweetwater
Brickslinger Foxdale
Jahamason Wasp
Goldhawk Xiaglia

Week Commencing October 26, 2009
Ginzu Inshan
Turbo Todd
Galley Bellic
Tinsley Broome

Week Commencing November 1,2009
Ceri Bronet
Carm Zadark
Writer Bloch
Foxxy Hynes

Week Commencing November 8,2009
Clarity Kidd
Lvala Graves
Lavalover Irata
Lover Carter

Week Commencing November 15,2009
Greet Flossberg
Comet Morigi
Sideways Medier
Infinity Brando

Week Commencing November 22,2009

Lister McMillan
Luca Endrizzi
Mari Teardrop
Hansi Kienzle

Week Commencing November 29,2009

Slick Bolissima
Zach Amat
Cioc Taback
Tony Wurzel

How To Enter
Simple: TP to this location "Tribe Islands"
Left Click on The Competition Board (To Enter)
Add the location to your Picks (Instructions next to competition board)
Make sure your profile is set to "show in search"

Up to 4 Draws are made weekly
Winners are paid and notified by Tribe Staff
Winners must collect prize within 2 weeks of notification
or forfeit complete prize.

If you have any questions or need assistance contact Alexxa Despres inworld

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

FEELING OS-TRACISED!!!!? (I know!!!!!)

Recently all over the world there has been the feverish sound of hundreds of people hammering away on their keyboards. The force used in the said task has been comparable to that employed in the damp dark rooms deep inside the Tower Of London during the reign of QE1. On these occasions, subjects of the Queen sought to facilitate the divulgence of information from other subjects. A kind of latter day brain storm!

In this case however, the cause of such keyboard abuse has not been dissimilar. Basically the overwhelming desire of so many people has been to express their delight at the recent Linden Labs Open Space Sim announcement!! And probably, more importantly, a cry out for information that, hopefully, will lead to clarification. Ergo WTF is going on!!!?? Pages and pages of rant, conspiracy, considered opinion, dribbling and the odd (very odd) mispost about the purchase for $L0.20 a share stock in a Chicken Wholesaler, have bulked up the SL Forums. It has been a truly remarkable outpouring.

However, it would seem that the effort has been for naught as aside from adding a spoonful of sugar to a rather expensive and foul tasting tincture (thanks Marypoppins Linden), there has been little re-positioning or indeed information from the Lab. Maybe it’s time to crack the thumbscrews out of the museum. In the absence of anything substantive from the lab, the OS situation and particularly the way in which we the customers can effectively act and or plan remains shrouded in pixelated fog.

“ Information is a source of learning. But unless it is organized,
processed, and available to the right people in a format for decision making, it is a burden, not a benefit.”
William Pollard

On a lighter note I did have a rather large laugh to myself when I saw the following Open Space Sim all crisply wrapped for abandonment with a lovely gift tag message which was, in balance fairly clear!!

Adding extra validity of the saying “a picture paints a thousand words”
Chinese proverb

I wonder how many of those thousand are in the vernacular

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tribe Store - Picks Competition

We are just about to start running a “Profile Picks” Promotion for the Tribe Store!!

We thought we would give our residents the heads up first!!!! The idea is to give the store more exposure and help it in the search listings. We hope you will take part.

Basically a name will be drawn at random intervals from the entrants and the winner will receive a cash prize (Up to $L1000).

To Enter simply TP (Link Is Below-or Ask Alexxa or Drift for a TP) to the store and click on the Blue Entry Board….then add the store to your picks (instructions are there) and Voila !! If your name is drawn and you have us in your picks you will win. There will be at least one draw per week and a maximum of four draws per week.

So, it’s easy to enter and you get the chance to win up to four times every week!!!

Winners will be im’d of their win and their names posted on the Blog unless they request anonymity.

Please Allow 24 hours for your pick to appear in search!!

If you need any help or you have any questions, just yell!!

Thank You and Good Luck!!!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Congratulations From All @ Tribe Wil & Kimmy

Two of our very own, Kimmy Jigsaw and Wilfrid Decuir tied the knot today in an an awesome wedding ceremony. Very much a surfers wedding, board shorts being the order of the day!!

All our best wishes to the happy couple!!!!!!!! With LOVE!!!!

Good Vibrations


Hey all you jolly Tribers!

Let me introduce myself, I’m Nakeisha or Nake as most people call me. I am and have been an addicted Tribe member for a long time now and before I start my ramblings I would like to thank Alexxa and Drift for their beautiful islands, one of which I call home, and for giving me the opportunity to share with you one of my passions… Thanks, you guys rock!!

Like me have you ever faced that issue of where to go in Second Life? Have you wasted hours roaming SIMs for that perfect romantic spot or found yourself looking attractively grey unable to rez due to the enormous lag overload? Well join the club I’ve been there many times!

I am known to be an avid explorer and LM collector within my group of SL friends and soon found that I became a “where to go” resource. It became apparent that a guide was needed for people to find and experience the best without the tedium of trial and error. I sadly discovered the search option within SL lacking in several areas and was often disappointed in the results, being at the top of the list doesn’t necessarily indicate the best place. So the idea of was born, a travel guide to Second Life places to help new and longtime avatars alike find those unique and enchanting locales. Here you will find reviews written by myself and other avatars like you describing in detail the amazing SL destinations we have found, loved and think are worth visiting. I would love to hear of special places any of you have found and want to share with the rest of us Second Lifers. So please feel free and don’t be shy to submit your own reviews here at :-


Thursday, 6 November 2008

TM Photo Magazine Launched!

One of the newest magazine to hit SL is being launched by one of Tribe's very own....Etan Matfield. Gracing the cover of the launch issue is none other than his lovely partner, Issy Telling! She is first model for the TM photo magazine where all clients will be featured if they become part of the TM Model Group. For those of you who are looking for your 15 minutes of fame, please contact Etan Matfield!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well, at last we have clarification on the new pricing with reference to Open Space Sims. We also have the Introduction of the new “Homestead” Sim. The new sim is designed to cope with Light Residential or Light Commercial use, exactly as we have used OSS since day one.

I will try and simplify as best I can as to how it affects Tribe Residents. However if you need more details please follow the links below.

SL Blog
Knowledge Base

For Those That Just Want Some Light Entertainment

Firstly, all of Tribes Open Space Sims can now be classed as the new “Homestead” sim so in short that means type of use will not change. We will not be dropping the sims performance by leaving them as Open Space Sims.
There may be a script restriction and there will be an avatar restriction of 20 avatars per sim (at one go). But in truth having monitored open space sim use since we introduced them , this should, apart from one of our sims, not be an issue with “Homestead” sims. These changes will not be implemented until January 5th.
There is no need for anyone to do anything……all will be handled by Tribe and there will be no physical changes in your sims.

Open Space Sims will have their prims reduced to 750 and the performance will have “throttles” applied.

So to summarise, ALL Tribe Open Space Sims can now be classed as “Homestead” Sims and there is no change to prim allowance or land size. So if you lived on an open space sim yesterday you don’t today 

The Prices
On the “Homestead” Sims there will be a phased in increase per sim as follows.

January 5th 2009 there will be an increase of rent/tier of $20 per sim (Homestead)
July 2009 there will be an increase of rent/tier $30 per sim (Homestead)

The following applies to existing Residents.
As we promised, there will be NO increase at all for “Homestead” (OSS) residents until February 1st, even though Linden Labs increase their prices to us on January 5th.
Also the increase will not be fully passed down to our residents. The rise in February will be in line with Linden Labs increase. However Tribe will absorb 50% of the price increase. Therefore for a whole sim there will be an increase to the resident of $10, Tribe will absorb $10 also. Likewise if you own ½ an Island the price increase will be $5 and ¼ Island it will be $2.50.

As far as the July increase is concerned the same method as the January increase will apply. With Tribe again absorbing 50% of the rise.

As we have said before we will offer equivalent transfer to a full prim sim if any resident requires. The prices paid for the OSS land they bought will be honoured. However we need to have made those transfers before the 22nd of December. We cannot transfer after that date.

The increases do not effect those on Full Prim Sims.

As far as the original LL decision goes , Tribe was as outraged as many people were at the huge hike in costs proposed for January 5th. The reasons behind the hike are also hard to fathom. However, they have in many ways changed their approach and although it is really only a “sugaring” of the pill…..the phasing in of the increase makes for easier decision making.

Hopefully this makes things a little clearer. We thank you for being the fab people you are and hope that you can understand our position. We, at all times put our residents and the Tribe community first. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask Alexxa or Myself or indeed leave a comment here…we will answer all comments related to this issue!!

Thanks All!!!

New President...New Hope!

Today we can look at the United States in a new way…bold new frontiers…barriers broken…and steps taken towards a different America. While the phrase ‘historic election’ has been used repeatedly, in my opinion, that phrase dilutes the ‘whole’ of it. It is estimated that 64% of Americans will have exercised their right to vote…weathering long lines, broken voting machines and sometimes even weathering…the weather! Moreover, for the first time ever, America has an African –American in the White House! America’s people have spoken : Change is what is needed to grow and improve for the better. Now is the time to make promises into realities and to come together as a nation and as a people. I am hopeful that as we look towards the horizon, we see a compassionate America, an America that reaches out to the World and works with other nations to benefit all nations, and an America that we can ALL be proud of.

Saturday, 1 November 2008


Please keep your eyes peeled for the events that will take place on Emerald Caye at the new charity venue, 46664. All proceeds from the The 46664 Live Music Stages are donated to Nelson Mandela's HIV/AIDS charity, 46664.


** Monday, November 3rd @ 1PM SLT - Ayden's sumptuous voice will make the hairs on your neck stand up ... and that's before he starts singing ;-) ... Lauded as one of the most gifted performers in SL, he covers everything from the Beatles and David Gray to Sesame Street (trust me on that one), performing these and originals with guitar and piano ... Delicious :-)
**Mon Nov 3rd @ 2pm SLT - XANDERNICHTING WRITER-------------------------------------------------------* A VERY SPECIAL 46664 PARTY !!! *An absolutely stunning electric violin player and composer ... catch a taste of him at: (video) **


Hi Everyone,

You may or may not be aware
(those that have been on mars for the week :P ) that Linden Labs has made the monumental announcement that they intend to hike the cost of Open Space Sims by 66% effective of 1st January 2009.
This has caused a huge outrage with Second Life residents and as there are around 13000 Open Space Sims out there that means that pretty much everyone is affected in some way shape or form.
This has already led to the abandonment of Open Space Sims by Landowners and Residents alike. A lot have introduced the price rises already. Come January there will be a lot of Estate Failures due to the hikes. And there is likely to be a big shift away from Open Space Sims back onto full prim Islands.
So how does that affect Tribe and you our residents?

Firstly, we are going nowhere and assure you that our residents are our first priority.

Secondly, if the price increase is in fact confirmed for January , Tribe will only introduce a partial price increase on Open Space Sims and absorb the balance internally. There will be no price changes before January . However please note the increase is NOT yet confirmed and Tribe are fighting the cause against the increase as vigorously as possible!

Thirdly, there will be No price changes on full prim Islands.

If the price increase is implemented , for those that want to relocate we will offer any Tribe Open Space resident relocation to an equivalent Full sim parcel and we will honour any ownership claims of that resident at no extra cost.

Finally, although this is a bombshell from our Lord and Masters at Linden Labs there is still much hope that, if they don’t reverse the decision completely they at least could soften the blow. So nothing is set in stone as of now!

Your interests are foremost in our minds and we will do all that we can to ensure minimum disruption. Please feel free to put your thoughts and comments on this issue we will reply to all comments.