Thursday, 27 November 2008

!!!!!THE TRIBE ISLANDS CHRISTMAS PARTY!!!!!! 5th December 2008

Event Starts @ 3pm SLT

Location Breeze Cape (@ The Tribe Manor)

Order Of Dress


Running Order

3pm Max Kleene

4pm DJ Drift (Stop Laughing!!)

4pm-5pm World Record Attempt

5pm Dexter Ihnen

6pm until you drop Dancing and Music

the record attempt is to have as many people bouncing on their bouncers as the sim
can take at one time. We are hoping for a Linden to join us to verify our WORLD RECORD!!!

the small print.....Tribe cannot accept liability for damaged clothing knees or ego if you happen to fall off of your bouncer....we accept no liability for illnesses arising from people eating, sniffing, licking, ****ing or falling in love with their bouncers. Unwanted pregnancies that are due to intimate activities with a bouncer are your own responsibility...we may be able to supply land and little cottage at cost for your burgeoning family please refer your request to Alexxa Despres. Remember what goes up invariably comes down, in the event they don't contact LL not us!!!! Have a nice day!!

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  1. I hope EVERYONE will come to this! Looking so forward to seeing everyone!!!!