Thursday, 24 September 2009

Date My Avatar SL Styleeee!! Very cool Youtube Vid!!

Dances in this are excellent!! :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ADULT CONTENT: What is it?

There seems to be a bit of confusion about ADULT CONTENT (AC) here in Second Life. Here at Tribe we have always adopted an 'live and let live' policy : To each their own and what you do in the privacy of your own home is exclusively YOUR business as long as it is within TOS and covenant, of course. Basically, as defined by the Knowledge Base on the SL website, AC means:

"The Adult designation applies to Second LifeƂ® Regions that host conduct or display content that is sexually explicit or intensely violent, or depicts illicit drug use. Any Region must be designated Adult and therefore require account verification, if it advertises or publicly promotes the following:
Representations of intensely violent acts, whether or not photo-realistic (for example, depicting death, torture, dismemberment or other severe bodily harm)
Photo-realistic nudity; photo-realistic means that an image either is or cannot be distinguished from a photograph
Expressly sexually themed content, spaces or activities (whether or not photo-realistic); we will broadly define what is "sexually themed" to include any sexually oriented activities and conduct. "

Now the above qualifiers apply to events , groups , regions and even classifieds. What the above qualifiers do NOT apply to is what you do in the privacy of your own home!! You do NOT need to be in an AC region to have a sex bed, have sexually explicit poseballs, or even to have marijuana plants on your property. The key to ALL of this is the following phrase: if it advertises or publicly promotes . The bottom line ( no pun intended) is that the ADULT CONTENT policy has brought NO changes to what you can and can not do at TRIBE ISLANDS. So...Just have you have always done from day one...relax, have fun and ENJOY!!!

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Tribe Thriller Update

As you are all aware we filmed the Tribe Thriller last week and I was due to publish the resultant movie here and on youtube sometime between then and now. However on Tuesday my Mac for the second time decided to have a melt down. The hard drive begun to stick and after several attempts to resuccitate the damn thing I had to concede defeat. Now it is with a London based Apple specialist for a warranty repair. I am hoping upon hope that the data will be recovered, but according to them the recovery costs may be prohibitive if it is at all possible. So we may be staring defeat in the face on this one and we may have to shoot again!! Hopefully that will not be too much of a strain as the original shoot with Tribe and Noma fans was extremely good fun. Anyway I am due to get the prognosis on Monday 21st Sept and will post it here. If the worst case scenario is realised we will have to engineer a re-shoot!
Please accept my apologies for this , I have learned the very valuable lesson of Backing Up!!!

Tuesday, 8 September 2009


Put on your dancing shoes, get out your twinkle toes cause TRIBE is going to BEAT IT!

Beat what? We are going to attempt to set the record for having the MOST avatars dancing to THRILLER simoultaneously. When will this monumental event happen? Friday, the 11th of Septmeber following the Noma Falta concert. Noma performes at 3 PM SLT and we will attempt the SL World record beginning at 4 PM. Prizes will be awarded for various categories and a MACHINIMA will be made to record all the FUN!! We will provide the place (TBA) and the just bring your best 'ghoul' or guy and get your THRILLER on!

Friday, 4 September 2009

Unwritten Blue Mars

A lot of people are talking about Blue Mars and as this virtual world has just gone to Open Beta it is hardly surprising. There is talk that it is a Second Life killer and that it is THE virtual platform where real world commerce can find viability. Well, as it stands, it is neither. As you wander around this visually stunning world you quickly realise how sterile it all is. Yes the visuals are gorgeous and even the avatars are not bad (albeit with spooky stares) but when it comes to being able to actually do something you quickly realise that all that glitters is not gold.

However Avatar Reality, the company behind this project are keen to stress that this is a world for the developer and that it is their world to create and that Avatar Reality are purely there to facilitate. The question is how quickly are the dev's going to be able to make this world something that has more attraction than simply it's graphics.

Content creation relies on higher skill sets than are required in Second Life, with proficiency in, high end 3d Modelling and animation software like Maya, 3DSMax also knowledge of LUA is needed for those wishing to script. But given the massive amount of 3d content already out there (just check out and I am sure that there are Dev's who will see Blue Mars as a major opportunity.

For Blue Mars to be successful it will quickly have to add substance to the backdrop. I would thoroughly encourage people to visit and download the client (when available, any day now)and have a wander, it is worth it for the scenery alone. Time will tell whether Blue Mars is able to fulfill it's true potential.

At the moment I see it as more of an acquired taste than something everyone wants to gorge on.

For More Info Visit:
Avatar Reality (Blue Mars Creators)
BlueMarsOnline (Blue Mars Official Site)
Metavercity (A Blue Mars Community Forum)