Monday, 30 March 2009


I was taken to the most delightful place the other day by none other than the lovely Spider Upshaw. The Galaxy has a bit of something for everyone. This beautiful little corner in SL is a place where you can dance…or chill or for those of us who have that dreadful SL disease that I call 'shopitis', there are stores there to indulge in. There is even something for people who have always dreamt of being able to fly: it's a the magic carpet ride! I was fascinated by the magic carpet ride. Chalk it up to my vivid imagination : I have wanted a magic carpet since first seeing ‘Aladdin’. Look for the sign that says: GALAXY TOUR HERE!! Sit & Touch & Enjoy! Hop on the , either alone or with a friend and away you go!!!! DO make SURE to put your settings on midnight as it enhances the whole experience. As the name implies and as you will soon see, you get to ride amongst not only the stars but the planets as well. Make sure to note the little romantic nooks and crannies during the tour so you can visit and revisit! The tour takes about five minutes. So put on some of your favorite music and enjoy this stellar show!!!


Thursday, 26 March 2009

We Feel Fine

I surf around the net a lot and I stumbled across the wonderful Jonathan Harris when I was randomly looking through - a website created from conferences held with the world's leading thinkers and doers. Their tag line, Ideas Worth Spreading, is an understatement... do check it out.

Anyway, what was I waffling on about? Oh yes! Jonathan Harris and his presentation which introduces his wonderful interactive website - - a text and pictoral portrait of how people are really feeling around the world using his amazing computer program that captures sentences or photo's from people's blogs.

Take a look at this video of Jonathan where he explains how it came about and what it all means - then go to the site and have a play!

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tribe Communal Area (For Tribe Natives Friends & Guests)

Hi Everyone!!!

We are looking into turning a part of or a whole sim into a communal area for Tribe Residents and their friends. However we NEED your help!!

What we NEED to know is what form this should take. Ideas that have been tabled so far include a Surf Sim, a Nudist Beach, a Club, a chill out area, a romantic nook(I have no clue) but we want you the residents to have their say.

Whether you want a Nudist Beach or a Library please give us your thoughts. If your idea is not on the poll then add a comment.

To the right of this post there is a poll…please add your vote and please if you can add your comments beneath this post that would be fab. Any fresh ideas will be very welcome!! It’s your home so please help us do what is right for you!!!!

Many Thanks in Advance to All the NATIVES!!

Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Have you been looking for a place that can ... indulge your fantasies, stimulate your imagination, allow you to step into a world that is both real and unreal? No…no…it’s NOT what you’re thinking!!!!! Loco Pocos, or the land where Tinies have been re-invented, is more than just a place where you can purchase a “tiny”. Rather, it’s a place where you can engage your mind, your imagination and your sense of adventure. Upon arrival, you will be facing the Loco Pocos store. You will see a vendor that allows you to ‘buy’ a free tiny avatar! Go on….you KNOW you want to!!!! If you do an immediate about face, you will see 2 signs. One sign says ‘Fishing’ and the other sign says ‘Adventure’. Personally I would choose adventure over fishing ANY day. The beauty of SL, however, is that you can indulge in both!! The idea is to explore the island and try to find the portal to the dreams. HINT: it’s at the heart of the tree. There is also an area that has some hilarious machinima that is well worth a watch! So take some time to explore and look around. If you need any help, there is a lovely tiny there by the name of Zarah Larsson. Tell her Alexxa sent you!!! ENJOY!!!!


Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Recently I received, for my birthday, the Gift of Lifesavers!! The Candy treat that hits the spot!! As you may or may not know, I am from the UK and cannot access the Candy Heaven that is the Lifesaver so I was like a kid in a candy store when they arrived….er..literally!.
Lifesavers hail from the United States of America…….it’s over there somewhere….. and they have been in existence since 1912 (not the ones they sell now ;P ) when a one Clarence Crane in Garrettsville, Ohio created the first peppermint Lifesavers. They come in lots of different flavours from Grape to Spearmint. But my ALL TIME FAVE IS ………BUTTER RUM!! However the picture below is kinda confusing. If a Lifesaver really does takes your breathe away….??.......hmmm go figure!!

Anyway I would love to hear from you about YOUR favourite sweet/candy. Whether it be Midget Gems, Polos, Macaroon Bars, Spangles, (mouth watering yet?) PEZ or even the grossest of them all the Candy Necklace. Lets hear about your faves ;))

Tribe Store Gets a Facelift

As most of you know the Tribe Store on Mako has featured a rather modern store placed atop a beach tropical Island. Well, considering that the Tribe Wear theme is a Grunge and Urbanwear one, we, hardly surprisingly, decided to rethink the setting.
So we searched and searched for the ideal building for the”New” Tribe Wear Store. XStreet was investigated, we scoured classifieds, all search we even partook in a session of Island Hopping all with little success. It was only when we “sat” down and rethought our search parameters (to be more in line with what we were ACTUALLY looking for) that we came across “BRICKWERKZ” and Peewee Musytari . It was then that we KNEW our search had ended.
Peewee has an awesome array of Brickbuilt “builds” from Warehouses to Grotesque Grottos all built and textured to the highest standards. They are all VERY impressive…and it is worth a visit to the Rezz Station just to see these excellent buildings. Peewee herself is uber enthusiastic about her work and it shows in her builds. For the Tribe Store, she, with serious amounts of gusto, remodelled an existing build to suit our specific needs. Then she adorned the walls with Tags and Graffiti giving the final Grunge feel to the whole build.
A big thanks from Tribe to Peewee!!
If you get a chance , please go see Peewee’s “BRICKWERKZ” (LM Below) and come visit the new Store on Mako. Mako is a work in progress and the whole sim will eventually be developed in an Industrial theme…so come see the beginnings.

Monday, 9 March 2009


While I don’t often get around in SL (contrary to the rumors) ...
there are 2 occasions where I was persuaded out of my little box to do some sight-seeing and was not only impressed by the creativity of SL ‘s residents but blown away by the sheer genius. I wanted to share with you….2 of those places. Mind you, they are different as chalk and cheese, night and day and well, my prim hair and my real hair!

Virtual Africa

I have always wanted to go to Africa ( click on the name to get the SLURL to TP) ever since I was a little girl I imagine it to be a land of exotic animals and unspoiled beauty! To be honest, I still imagine it that way and though I have often dreamt of going, I haven’t made the time to do so. BUT….here in Second Life, I was lucky enough to be able to visit this magical continent! The region itself is home to some native African animals, birdlife and hosts various adventure sports such as hang-gliding, river rafting, balloon rides, fishing and a zip line. It also has beautiful look-out towers and some amazing art, some of which depicts one of my favorite moral icons, Nelson Mandela. So, take a wander, and have a wonder! Enjoy…I know I did!!

Chimi Mouryou

As lovely and tranquil as Virtual Africa is, Chimi Mouryou ( Click on the name to get the SLURL to TP) is the TOTAL opposite, the essence of big city vibrance and excitement. Neon lights, arcades and boutique type shops dot the streets and add not only to the kaleidoscope of color on this island but to the very pulse of this sim! Visit the game room and try your hand at skeeball ! I did and I have to say…I was stellar!!! NOT!!!!! Surprises are around every corner with one of my most favorite areas in this urban wonderland being the Manji Automotive factory. YOU SEE... hidden deep inside, or perhaps closer to the surface than I realize , I am a race car driver want-to-be! So, do take a test drive in the Manji Type- 7 v 2.31 and make sure to fasten your seatbelt and look in your rearview mirrors. You never know who might be passing you on your left!!!!! Hope you will take a minute to explore these places and let me know what you think! And anyone who wants to challenge me to a race…BRING IT ON!!!! Let us know of any cool sims you have visited!

Hugs and kisses !!!! Alexxa

Friday, 6 March 2009

Weird or Funny Profiles?....Care to share?