Thursday, 26 March 2009

We Feel Fine

I surf around the net a lot and I stumbled across the wonderful Jonathan Harris when I was randomly looking through - a website created from conferences held with the world's leading thinkers and doers. Their tag line, Ideas Worth Spreading, is an understatement... do check it out.

Anyway, what was I waffling on about? Oh yes! Jonathan Harris and his presentation which introduces his wonderful interactive website - - a text and pictoral portrait of how people are really feeling around the world using his amazing computer program that captures sentences or photo's from people's blogs.

Take a look at this video of Jonathan where he explains how it came about and what it all means - then go to the site and have a play!


  1. Lari!!! Thanks for posting this! I hope everyone has a peek...definitely worth watching!
    Alexxa xx

  2. I revisited this again today. Different state of mind....and it made me feel TOTALLY different this time. I suppose that is just one of the beauties of this website.Thanks again, Lari!!!