Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Have you been looking for a place that can ... indulge your fantasies, stimulate your imagination, allow you to step into a world that is both real and unreal? No…no…it’s NOT what you’re thinking!!!!! Loco Pocos, or the land where Tinies have been re-invented, is more than just a place where you can purchase a “tiny”. Rather, it’s a place where you can engage your mind, your imagination and your sense of adventure. Upon arrival, you will be facing the Loco Pocos store. You will see a vendor that allows you to ‘buy’ a free tiny avatar! Go on….you KNOW you want to!!!! If you do an immediate about face, you will see 2 signs. One sign says ‘Fishing’ and the other sign says ‘Adventure’. Personally I would choose adventure over fishing ANY day. The beauty of SL, however, is that you can indulge in both!! The idea is to explore the island and try to find the portal to the dreams. HINT: it’s at the heart of the tree. There is also an area that has some hilarious machinima that is well worth a watch! So take some time to explore and look around. If you need any help, there is a lovely tiny there by the name of Zarah Larsson. Tell her Alexxa sent you!!! ENJOY!!!!


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