Monday, 9 March 2009


While I don’t often get around in SL (contrary to the rumors) ...
there are 2 occasions where I was persuaded out of my little box to do some sight-seeing and was not only impressed by the creativity of SL ‘s residents but blown away by the sheer genius. I wanted to share with you….2 of those places. Mind you, they are different as chalk and cheese, night and day and well, my prim hair and my real hair!

Virtual Africa

I have always wanted to go to Africa ( click on the name to get the SLURL to TP) ever since I was a little girl I imagine it to be a land of exotic animals and unspoiled beauty! To be honest, I still imagine it that way and though I have often dreamt of going, I haven’t made the time to do so. BUT….here in Second Life, I was lucky enough to be able to visit this magical continent! The region itself is home to some native African animals, birdlife and hosts various adventure sports such as hang-gliding, river rafting, balloon rides, fishing and a zip line. It also has beautiful look-out towers and some amazing art, some of which depicts one of my favorite moral icons, Nelson Mandela. So, take a wander, and have a wonder! Enjoy…I know I did!!

Chimi Mouryou

As lovely and tranquil as Virtual Africa is, Chimi Mouryou ( Click on the name to get the SLURL to TP) is the TOTAL opposite, the essence of big city vibrance and excitement. Neon lights, arcades and boutique type shops dot the streets and add not only to the kaleidoscope of color on this island but to the very pulse of this sim! Visit the game room and try your hand at skeeball ! I did and I have to say…I was stellar!!! NOT!!!!! Surprises are around every corner with one of my most favorite areas in this urban wonderland being the Manji Automotive factory. YOU SEE... hidden deep inside, or perhaps closer to the surface than I realize , I am a race car driver want-to-be! So, do take a test drive in the Manji Type- 7 v 2.31 and make sure to fasten your seatbelt and look in your rearview mirrors. You never know who might be passing you on your left!!!!! Hope you will take a minute to explore these places and let me know what you think! And anyone who wants to challenge me to a race…BRING IT ON!!!! Let us know of any cool sims you have visited!

Hugs and kisses !!!! Alexxa

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