Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Tribe Store Gets a Facelift

As most of you know the Tribe Store on Mako has featured a rather modern store placed atop a beach tropical Island. Well, considering that the Tribe Wear theme is a Grunge and Urbanwear one, we, hardly surprisingly, decided to rethink the setting.
So we searched and searched for the ideal building for the”New” Tribe Wear Store. XStreet was investigated, we scoured classifieds, all search we even partook in a session of Island Hopping all with little success. It was only when we “sat” down and rethought our search parameters (to be more in line with what we were ACTUALLY looking for) that we came across “BRICKWERKZ” and Peewee Musytari . It was then that we KNEW our search had ended.
Peewee has an awesome array of Brickbuilt “builds” from Warehouses to Grotesque Grottos all built and textured to the highest standards. They are all VERY impressive…and it is worth a visit to the Rezz Station just to see these excellent buildings. Peewee herself is uber enthusiastic about her work and it shows in her builds. For the Tribe Store, she, with serious amounts of gusto, remodelled an existing build to suit our specific needs. Then she adorned the walls with Tags and Graffiti giving the final Grunge feel to the whole build.
A big thanks from Tribe to Peewee!!
If you get a chance , please go see Peewee’s “BRICKWERKZ” (LM Below) and come visit the new Store on Mako. Mako is a work in progress and the whole sim will eventually be developed in an Industrial theme…so come see the beginnings.

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