Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tribe Communal Area (For Tribe Natives Friends & Guests)

Hi Everyone!!!

We are looking into turning a part of or a whole sim into a communal area for Tribe Residents and their friends. However we NEED your help!!

What we NEED to know is what form this should take. Ideas that have been tabled so far include a Surf Sim, a Nudist Beach, a Club, a chill out area, a romantic nook(I have no clue) but we want you the residents to have their say.

Whether you want a Nudist Beach or a Library please give us your thoughts. If your idea is not on the poll then add a comment.

To the right of this post there is a poll…please add your vote and please if you can add your comments beneath this post that would be fab. Any fresh ideas will be very welcome!! It’s your home so please help us do what is right for you!!!!

Many Thanks in Advance to All the NATIVES!!


  1. Thank you for thinking of us and offering a nice new communal area. I like all of the ideas really ... my worry about a club/ dance area is that for it to feel good and work well it needs committed staff and a hard core of regulars. Otherwise you just tp into an empty place :-( Although you could do themed events. The other ideas all stand alone more and would need less hands on I guess ... just my random thoughts ... I will use whatever you build :-)


  2. Thanks so much for your comments Ciran. On the need for staffing...pretty much whatever it takes we will supply....the group of hard core regulars would of course be reliant on the success of the venue etc. We are not stuck to having an area with necessarily ONE genre of activity....what we seek is a cross section of voting to give us an idea of need...and thus far we are getting a good feel. But hopefully many more will vote. Thanks again Ciran :)

  3. On which Island? I would prefer no club but hey that is me.
    What about a scenic cave with romanticables, nice close dancing, smooching and nakedness??

  4. Heyyy Mrs Dad!! Great to see you ;) Happy Rezzday Just Passed!!
    The Island will be a new Island. It may be attached to another we have not decided yet.. Caves sounds cool...the poll is certainly giving us an idea!! We will have to see how it will pan out !!

  5. Hiya Drift and Alexxa - how about within a 'chill out' area you create a space for meditation and maybe invite people/groups who hold these kind of events, use of the space. Zone it so that special meditative music can be played.

    Looking at what is popular at places like Apollo and the Space Station too - maybe some tai chi pose balls. Apollo is always busy and has a great mix of relaxing and romance with many private peaceful places.

    Maybe have somthing in the sky?

    Anyway some more thoughts for you :)

  6. Nice thinking Lari....definitly something to look at...Chill Out area seems popular. Maybe needs to be a stones throw away from the club??? no?? LOL

    Thnks for the comments x