Thursday, 30 October 2008

Well Done ALEXXA!!!!!!! Well Done Tribe!!!!!

Over the weekend just passed Alexxa completed a 60 mile walk (20 miles per day) in aid of Breast Cancer. The walk started in torrential rain on Friday and finished pretty much the same. The walkers were spared the need to pitch their tents in horizontal rain and were given accomodation in a long abandoned office complex. Having managed to survive a night which contained some frightening noises of which Alexxa can only assume was peoples sleep noises and no more than a chipped nail (oh my god, so precious)it was off into the beautiful Sunshine for Saturdays 20 miles. Night two was tented, and having enlisted the help of two maths professors and a team of buff labourers they managed to pitch said tent only two hours after unpacking it! Having been Hushed up last year by nearby tent occupants and Der Gestapo because of childish raucous behavior AFTER lights out! Alexxa and her tent buddy (not sure who that was) were better behaved and managed not to scramble into the local downtown area on a beer and bloke binge. By all accounts snoring from the tent was kept at acceptable levels.
The last day started similarly to Saturday weather wise and although there was a long slog to the lunch break...Alexxa and this remarkable group of people made it safely to the end!!
We are all VERY proud of Alexxa and hope you are to....especially when I tell you that she was unable to train for this until almost 4 days before the walk because of a damaged Achilles, and only made it through the walk with copious amounts of teeth gritting and pain killers!!! Well done Alexxa!!!
A HUGE thank you also has to go out to all of our Tribe Residents who supported this endeavour!! In all, Tribe Islands donated $200 (real dollars) to this worthy cause...YOU GUYS ARE FANTASTIC...SO THANK YOU FROM ALEXXA AND MYSELF!!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Is anyone OUT there?

Hi all you sexy Tribe Native peeps. Just a bit of insight into what I do when I am here in Second Life....besides the work thing,of course! So many of you ask me how I entertain myself during the day and well...let's face it..part of night, so I thought I'd share with you one of my VERY favorite pastimes! Take a look ( click HERE ) and crank up the volume. Hope you enjoy this as much as I always do!!!! Let me know what you think!!!!

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Credit Crunch - Stick or Bust

With the US financial house of cards close to collapse and the likelihood of the aftershocks dragging exchanges from Tokyo to Paris tumbling after it , is the Bush Bail Out the best hope for salvation? More importantly however what does the general public think should happen?
Should Tax Payers worldwide be forced to pay for the excesses of the gorging Humpty Dumpty like Banks or should they be left to their great fall even though it may mean long term hardship for Tax Payers.
It is an emotive subject and generates agitated debate from all quarters……But what do you think? Please vote in the Poll on the right and we would love to hear your comments and thoughts.