Monday, 22 December 2008

Twas the night before Christmas…when all through Tribe
Not a Native was stirring; they were out to imbibe.
Their stockings were hung with the greatest of care,
In hopes that St. Linden would soon be there.

Each one of the natives sat snug in their beds,
With prim hair and pixels adorning their heads.
With Drift and I waiting for the night to fall
Hoping against hope that St. Linden would call.

When suddenly appeared a jolly old soul
Made of textures and prims and looking quite bold.
He leaned down to whisper of truths never told
Of wishes unspoken and dreams to behold.

The moon shone bright as he drew us both near
To murmur to us what would soon be clear
This little old man was sent for a reason…
To give us a gift for this holiday season.

Tis not what you get for the week or the day
Tis not what you give, as a way to repay
It’s the love that you share with all around you
It’s the kindness you show and the deeds you do.

To everyone of you fabulous peeps,
We love and appreciate all of you heaps.
We’re happy we have the best of the best
Fantastic residents who top all the rest!

So, for all of you natives…both near and far
We wish for you wishes upon a star!
May your Christmas be merry and joyful too.
Good tidings and happiness…from the Tribe Crew!

Monday, 15 December 2008


It's the MOST wonderful time of the year.....yes..folks...just IMAGINE me singing! The party left us with with joy in our heart, a bad beard rash ( Drift's Santa beard was fake....I know it LOOKED authentic), and a bad case of heartburn.... I was guzzling the eggnog! We can't tell you how THRILLED we were to see you there...and hope that you had a BLAST! For those of you who couldn't make were MISSED! Some of the highlights of the evening were the very soulful Maximillion Kleene, who played some super smashing great of which was "Angels" By Robbie Williams. After KNOW you were.... and boogeying to the tunes, we did something never attempted before by TRIBE ISLANDS!!!!DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! We had the TRIBE BIG BOUNCE! Ummm...for those who are thinking....BIG BOUNCE???? HUH???? I know what you're thinking....we all bounced on a bed....right? Well, not your eyes .... you can open them in a sec...and imagine more than 60 people bouncing about on hoppers, out in the yard...over to the church and then ..for a giggle....some of you peeps (readjusts halo) TP'd right over to a sex place. Imagine the delight and surprise of the people at the sex place! Why....they had never seen such big bouncy balls in all of their lives!!!!! Anyhoo....back to the party! After all that excitement, we had the pleasure of having the funkmeister himself, Dexter Ihnen, play for all of us. Dexter thrilled us all with his rendition of " Very Superstitious" and of course, the fabulous Dexcelerators delighted us as they danced and grooved to the tunage. The evening was truly a delight for us and we DO want to thank each and everyone of our FABULOUS TRIBE NATIVES! We TRULY do have the best bunch of residents around!!!!!! Wishing all of you a VERY Merry and happy Christmas!!!! Much love...from all of us at Tribe!!!!

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Tribe Islands Video Update & Linger

Hi Everyone, you are probably aware that we were in the process of producing a Tribe Islands video and had done a fair amount of shooting for it. Unfortunately the person that was doing the video is no longer able to.

However we are in the process of commissioning someone to produce the Islands video and will have news of this within the next few days. So watch this space!!

In the meantime I have been diving into Imovie myself to have a play and I have cobbled together my first Machinima!! I thought I would share it with you guys....I adore the song.........stick with does get better as it plays. It is my first attempt but I would love to hear your comments....but be GENTLE!!!!!

Anyway here is the link.....enjoy.....LINGER

Friday, 5 December 2008


Today we attempt to set an SL World Record for the most people bouncing simultaneously on one SIM!!!!!!
Here is the running order and details.

Max Kleene Will be Playing From 3-4pm slt (This Guys is a TRIBE Fave!!)

At 4pm slt approx, the stream will switch over to our very own Driftwood Miles and his attempt at DJing!!
Drift will also give instructions on the BIG BOUNCE!

At the same time  Alexxa Despres (nee Clause) will start giving out the Christmas Gifts to all the WELL BEHAVED children amongst you!!!.
Only 200 of these special edition balls are being given out!!!
They are specific to our RECORD ATTEMPT!!
rrp $L200 at shops after today  ;)

At 4:30 approx  Everyone is to hop aboard their balls ( no smutty comments please) and bounce around the grounds of the manor as mad as you like...don't forget the "super bounce" .   Our aim is 80 BOUNCERS!!! 
Smile For The Cameras!!!!

After the MADNESS the Awesome 
Dexter Ihnen will wow us from 5-6pm slt


Photos and Film will be taken of the event!!!