Monday, 22 December 2008

Twas the night before Christmas…when all through Tribe
Not a Native was stirring; they were out to imbibe.
Their stockings were hung with the greatest of care,
In hopes that St. Linden would soon be there.

Each one of the natives sat snug in their beds,
With prim hair and pixels adorning their heads.
With Drift and I waiting for the night to fall
Hoping against hope that St. Linden would call.

When suddenly appeared a jolly old soul
Made of textures and prims and looking quite bold.
He leaned down to whisper of truths never told
Of wishes unspoken and dreams to behold.

The moon shone bright as he drew us both near
To murmur to us what would soon be clear
This little old man was sent for a reason…
To give us a gift for this holiday season.

Tis not what you get for the week or the day
Tis not what you give, as a way to repay
It’s the love that you share with all around you
It’s the kindness you show and the deeds you do.

To everyone of you fabulous peeps,
We love and appreciate all of you heaps.
We’re happy we have the best of the best
Fantastic residents who top all the rest!

So, for all of you natives…both near and far
We wish for you wishes upon a star!
May your Christmas be merry and joyful too.
Good tidings and happiness…from the Tribe Crew!

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