Monday, 31 August 2009

New Look

As was previewed at this years SLCC in San Francisco, Linden Lab have rolled out their new look website for all to gaze upon and wonder and ponder.
Certainly the change has caused a stir from people threatening to leave the platform entirely in protest at the greenyness of it all and to those wanting to partner the designers. The forums are full of comments , and as one would expect the spectrum of views is vast.
For me, I think it needed to be freshened up but it also needed to be better accesible to new users, thus encouraging browsers to grab the client download and jump into the world of Second Life. Well fresh it certainly is, but for the latter I am not so sure. It is too clunky for me and for sure needs tweeking. With all the fancy pop up menus, and picture links etc it has all become a bit too fussy. New users and me for that matter prefer simplicity.
Anyway what do you or hate...or is there a THIRD way?

Friday, 28 August 2009

OHHHHH....the Places you GO!!!!

Sunday…Monday…Happy Days!!! Tuesday…Wednesday…Happy Days! Who remembers THAT theme song? If you are longing for a retro 'fix' and a taste of the fifties, when the air was clean and getting frisky meant kissing at the Drive-In, here’s a fun place for you to go to in Second Life.

From a roller rink to a highly detailed, vintage Diner car to the cool Drive-In move theater,there’s lots to see and do at DecoRetropia. Need s new leather jacket a la James Dean? DECORETROPIA has stores with vintage clothing and ooo laa laa.... a Burlesque Club! Seeing as I have never been to a REAL Drive in movie, I thought I would give the one at Decoretropia a whirl. They were showing vintage YouTube videos and from what I gather, they will be showing full length retro movies in the near future. (See what I did there…talking about the ‘future’ in blog post about a RETRO sim? ) I also took a spin around the roller rink, which was actually quite fun. They have skates for sale, starting at just 75 L$ and the skates are scripted to do tricks! So put on your poodle skirt,get your hair slicked back and go enjoy an evening out…in 50’s style! Click HERE for SLURL!!!

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Calling all Zombies, Werewolves, Creatures of the Night and Alexxa..........WE NEED YOUR HELP.

On the 11th September @ 4pm we will be attempting to set the record for the MOST avatars doing a simultaneous "thriller" dance. So Grab your scariest outfit, practice being the "undead" for a few hours each night and when you see a full moon in the sky and hear an unearthly howl in the distance, you WILL know. It is time to join the other undead of SL and congregate on Cougar Caye for the dance of the year!!!!!

The event will be straight after Noma Falta the AWESOME fabulous Queen Bee. Noma is a verstaile musician with a love of the blues. Noma's voice is in demand. She can be heard on many blues cd's singing backup and she has Two CD's she has cut with her band, The BackBeats.

Event Times:
Noma Falta Performs Live 3pm sl time

The "TRIBE THRILLER" 4pm sl time

The event will be filmed and a machinima produced, so make sure you have your best undead smile on. There will also be prizes for various categories. We will also be giving out limited edition "Tribe Thriller" T-Shirts for all participants ( I am modelling one in the pic).

Free Zombie Outfit can be found on X Street SL CLICK HERE
Slurl for Cougar Caye CLICK HERE

Let one of the Tribe Staff know if you will be attending so that you can have a space booked....this one could get busy!!!!!!

We will keep you up to date with any more news...STAY POSTED!!!

Thursday, 20 August 2009

BEST PLACE TO WATCH PORN!!! this video had me in STITCHES!!!!! I was watching something else on YOUTUBE and well.... this one caught my eye. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!!!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009


Max Kleene is without doubt one of the most accomplished musicians in Second Life and it is always awesome to get him here on Tribe. So we are more than delighted to invite you to "The Deck" on Cougar Caye for liberal helpings of Max's Music on Saturday 22nd August!!
The fun starts at 2pm sl time but be sure to get there early to avoid disappointment!!

There are lots of examples of Max on youtube (just search Max Kleene) but I picked this one out because a)I love the song and b) it's the REAL Max!!! c) I can :)
(Max is accompanied by the lovely Mimi Carpenter & Lady Hightower)

If you want to book Max for a live music event contact the gorgeous Kat Vargas inworld!!!!!

So hope to see you on Saturday!!! CLICK HERE is the Slurl for "The Deck"


Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Cool New Music Video!

Have you ever seen something and thought: " Geez...if ONLY I had thought of THAT?" I saw this video and thought THAT very thing! It made me made me cry (well tears from laughing so hard) and it made me appreciate the creativity of humankind! What a clever commentary on this....OUR virtual world, Second Life! Take a peek and I hope you ENJOY as much as I did!!!

Monday, 17 August 2009

2000 Pairs Of Camo Jeans Sold!!!!

To Celebrate the 2000 Pair of our popular Camo Jeans being sold we are offering 4 of our favourite UNISEX Camo Jeans to you for just 10 Lindens!!!! They will be on offer for only 24 hours!!!
(normal Price $L175 per pair)
tp to the store now!!

Sunday, 16 August 2009


The Tribe Community is growing all the time and I constantly wonder at the fabulous diversity within it.Every continent on the planet is represented and so many individual countries. With this diversity it falls to us at Tribe to offer more diverse environments to match our community. With this in mind we have expanded our portfolio of land to include the following:

Full Tropical Homestead Sims
Full Lush Green Lakeland Homestead Sims
Lush Green Lakeland Plots (sizes and prims to suit)
Individual Tropical Islands (sizes and prims vary)

If you require to upgrade to a larger plot with more prims or for that matter just want to add more prims contact Alexxa Despres and she can help you out!

Thursday, 13 August 2009


This is one reason to be VERY careful who you ad as a facebook friend!! And of course WHAT you say about those you have!!!!


Today I heard that Golf and Womens Boxing were vying to become officially recognised Olympic Sports. I won't comment on the Boxing situation because THATS a no brainer, but when it comes to GOLF I have to admit that quite honestly I thought it already was.

When you consider that the following sports are already recognised (although not contested….yet) Bridge, Chess, Tug of War and Lifesaving how can it be that such a global Sport with a capital S is not recognised.

Admittedly if I had put some thought into it I would have come to the conclusion that I had never actually seen anyone play golf in an Olympic games and my shock would not have been so severe as to make me press the wrong button on my tv remote.

Let’s face it, if the insanely smiling nose clip brigade of synchronised swimming can make it in there then why not Golf…….or Parrot Rearing for that matter. I mean ..really…call that a sport!! Yes..yes…maybe I can’t do it…but would I want to!!!?

One of the criteria for an activity becoming an officially recognised Olympic Sport is Youth Appeal, so what exactly does that mean. Will we eventually see Graffiti Spraying or Rapping inaugurated into the Pantheon of Olympic Sports. I know that Skateboarding is up for review so nothing would be a surprise.

Personally I think the Olympics is in danger of becoming so bloated with fringe activities that soon it will take a Continent to host it. Having said that I am extremely proud that my own country will be hosting the 2012 Olympics and can't wait until that opening ceremony where I HOPE to be present!

I am off to dust of my old Rap Lyrics. You never know I could be the next Michael Johnson of Rap (or could that be Ben).

What sports do you think Should or Should not be recognised as Olympic sports.

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Always in search of new and different places, I was lucky enough to happen upon a realllly cool place. Well, 'happen upon' is not exactly the right phrase...'dragged there' is more like it! Whimsical and delightful and just so incredibly well -done, The Drill Factory blew me away! Go check out the glass merry-go-round and the snow globe! Make sure you fly around so you can see all the fun stuff! One of the things that amazed me most was the feeling one gets of being weightless as you fly around...almost like you are floating in space. I know that sounds odd, but you just have to go there to see what I mean! I STILL can't figure out how the creator makes you feel 'floaty', can YOU? Tell me what you think of my new discovery! Happy exploring!!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE SLURL!

xxx Alexxa

Monday, 3 August 2009


For those of you who attended Tribe's first Karaoke Night at The Deck, you got to enjoy a real treat! Think double scoops of ice cream topped with the yummiest of chocolate suace, whipped cream and a cherry on top! For those of you who weren't able to attend, you missed something really special! We never realized just how much talent resided within the Tribe Community!
The night began with Rai Blaylock taking center stage and getting everyone in the mood and warmed up! We heard from several Tribe natives...including the one and only.....Driftwood Miles! For those of you who are wondering, I was urged to get up and sing, but only by those of you who have never heard me actually sing! Fortunately for EVERYONE, I politely but adamantly declined. For those of you who didn't make this karaoke, never fear!!! I looked in the crystal ball and I see KARAOKE in the future!!! Or maybe it was that last glass of wine I had!
Thanks to everyone who made the night so super special! You guys were all THE best!