Thursday, 31 July 2008

PAAAARRRTTTYYYY!!!!! (some changes)

Hello Everyone.....well sadly Ayden Kruh is unable to be with us tomorrow due to RL commitments!! But never fear CQ Bravin an awesome musician from Florida USA is going to perform in Aydens stead and we are really over the moon to get such a great artist at the last minute. CQ will wow you with his laid back acoustic tunes, originals and covers. For more info on CQ click here.
So don't forget to grab your animal avatars or animal outfits and make your way down to South Caye for a great time with awesome company and top entertainment!!!

Start Time: 2pm SL Time
Location: South Caye (click here for slurl)

Running Order:
CQ Bravin
a singer/songwriter, whose influences include Beck, The Beatles and REM among others. This
laid back musician has released 3 full length albums and an ep. Although fairly new to Second Life CQ is already gathering a great reputation as a top inworld musician
1000$L Prize For Best Creature Feature Avatar
(no avatar...then anything animalistic )
500$L Bull Riding Competition
Dancing and General Mayhem
Wet Kitty Photo Opportunity (a Tribe Speciality)
Bring your friends, relatives, Significant other........anyone that you happen to come across in fact and HAVE FUN........Live music - Competitions - Dancing - General Mayhem!!
BE THERE OR....well you know how it goes!!

Will UFO's Land in SL?

Ok this is completely irrelevant but I've just read in my local online RL news about strange 'lights' seen in the sky - right by where I live!!! If only I hadn't been living it up at Koola in Second Life I may have witnessed it myself *lol*

Take a look at this article to read more about the UFO's in Worthing, UK and see the footage captured on someone's mobile phone... I wonder if they will invade the Tribe party this Friday...

Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Second Life Hugh Hefner

Stroker Serpentine, who last year sued Volkov Cattaneo for inworld copyright theft of his sex toys, has been recognised as one of the leading entrepreneurs in Second Life.

Whether it is not of tea or you own the complete Strokerz Toys back catalogue, it cannot be denied that this opportunist of the virtual world has come up trumps with his virtual sexual acme "do it to me one more time" equipment.

Well now the "real world" (whatever that is) is interested in Strokerz strokes (cough) in virtual business. Stroker the self proclaimed "second life sex god" in person, larger than life here on the "This Morning Show" just have to see this....I couldn't stop laughing at the bit where they heard his name!!

So how much of SL is about sex. Some estimate it as high as 99% some as low as 2% (the latter avatar has a small island somewhere between the sims Indenial and Unreal, the former kinda walks funny) anyway, what do YOU think? Let us know! Also check out the poll to the right!

Happy Viewing

For your interest also, please put your click in the box on the new Poll to the will be interesting to get your thoughts.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Fountain Fantasy!!

Fountain Fantasy is a wonderful fountain shop located on Emerald Caye. Marianna Monentes brings you original designs for water fountains as well as designs that have been with us for many years. The fountains have been texturized using Amorina Ashton's fractal art and many other unusual textures which make the fountains quite unique. The fountains are easily attainable and prices start as low as 50L. There are fountains that are large,which are intended for shopping malls. Whatever your space requires ,there is a fountain for you! Come see Marianna as she is now offering a 50% discount for the month of August on any and all purchases !!!!! So now is the time to stock up as they make lovely gifts as well.

RSS feeds - what's it all abaht? (mock cockney accent)

Hiya, I'm Larimar and I'm here as I opened my big gob and said "Drift, you know, you really should start a blog - you'd be MAD not to, you don't have to provide all the content yourself... get a few people contributing with you" hahahaha that'll teach me to be so helpful! *grin*

Yes, as well as looking gorgeous and knowing some of the coolest house music clubs in Second Life, I also know a bit about the web so will be bringing you handy tips as well as gossip and daft photo's from my SL wanderings.

For today's gripping contribution (don't tense your bums on your seats too much in anticipation), I am going to explain to you what the lovely RSS buttons are for - if you are someone who loves reading stuff but hates email - or if you are someone who has or is thinking of starting your own blog and want to find out why it's a good idea to stick a button on your site, then read on.

RSS for people who like to read a little bit to be kept up-to-date and who hate spam

Just underneath the Tribe pic at the top of this blog you will see two buttons that have this natty little orange symbol next to it - one that says Posts and one that says Comments. Whenever you see that orange symbol it means that you can get information from that site direct to your desktop without having to log into the website or check your email, via something called an RSS feed reader or aggregator. Click on it now and you will see a little list of some of the favourite readers available - if you don't have an RSS reader yet, click on one to download one for free and add Tribe!

Now you may be thinking... wtf is RSS? RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication (popular definition) or Rich Site Summary *yawn* - see it wasn't important really but if you're like me, you just wanna know! *lol*

The main benefit to you - our wonderful blog visitor - is that whenever we put a new post on here, your luffly new RSS feed reader will go ping on your desktop and and show you the first few lines of the post or news article. If you think "WOW I must read more!" you can either read it all there, or log into the site via a link. Quick, easy, no messing about, without the distraction of having to visit a website - PLUS you hear about things first AS THEY HAPPEN - no spam as you are NOT giving out your personal info, only subscribe to what you're interested in - no email to check and no virus fears. Phew! what are you waiting for - go get RSS'd up and add all your favourite sites - with Tribe at the top of course ;o) visit for one.

RSS for people who have their own site or blog and want to share the love (aka blah) more easily

OK, so you have your blog or website and want to keep in touch with your visitors easily without annoying the hell out of them?

Well as many of you may be aware, getting people to part with their email address can be hard work 'cos, let's face it, we all HATE spam. Also, visitors tend to flit about a lot and although some of the more savvy ones may remember to bookmark your site, they may then instantly forget about it and never return AAARRRGGHHH!!!! So what's another alternative you can offer to make your site more sticky? An RSS Feed!

Above, I've already explained the benefits of one for the end user, which is something you, as a content provider, shouldn't be ignoring... but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ensure that the quality of what you are publishing is high and by that I mean it should be helpful, informative and full of YOUR personality. Really, try writing like you talk and if you're dead boring, well, get someone else to write for you ahahhahahah. Share some of yourself and people will really start to get know, like and trust you and will LOOK OUT FOR and READ what you have to say and maybe even take action (which is what you want :P)

Adding RSS feeds to blogs is dead easy as the coding is usually provided for you and you just point and click - even Drift managed it here in a few minutes *lol* To add it to a website you will have to be a bit more technically minded or hopefully have a person who does it for you. You can read some geek info at and another interesting website is Robin Good's

Want to set up a blog? There are masses to choose from - some paid for services and some free good ones, that is a whole other article but in the meantime do a search or take a look at some of the popular ones like,,

Until next time... ta rah! xxx

Monday, 28 July 2008

Blog Poster $L5000 Prize Draw!!

Ok everyone......we really want to get this blog working and to be used as a source of good
information and interest...but for that we need YOUR input.
So to try and coax you out of your shells or away from Cake and Xcite or to shake you loose from your incriminating pose ball we are offering you the chance to win a $L5000 Prize to any of you out there who post a comment or write up a post between 26th July and 22nd August.

Comments can be made directly onto the site and posts can be written out in notecard form and sent to Alexxa Despres or Driftwood Miles. Those that post or comment (clicks on the polls don't count because we have no idea who clicked ;-) same applies to anonymous comments ) will be put into the hat and the winner will be drawn on the 22nd August.

The draw is open to everyone however the $L5000 prize is only open to Tribe Residents.........having said that all non residents who post will be put into a separate hat and a name drawn on the same day and the winner will be awarded $L2000.

The Blog is for all who are part of the Tribe family and indeed just wandering the SL landscape we hope that you find it worthwhile.......we are totally open to suggestions so any ideas ..shoot...Alexxa is totally refreshed from her recent holiday so I am sure she can field a few ;-)

BTW If you want to announce an event , business , birthday , rezzday , wedding, new hair purchase, concert, competition etc etc write it up on a notecard and send it to Alexxa or myself with attached pictures if you want it posted on the blog!!

Thanks for your time everyone....we look forward to seeing your posts or comments.

Drift (:0)

Saturday, 26 July 2008

August Tribe Islands Live Gig/Party!!!

Ok, we have a date!!!!!!! The Islands resident party will take place on....drum roll......Friday 1st August @ the South Caye Stage 2pm Sharp...SLTIME!! We will be sending out invites. And hope you can make it.

Live Music from the A W E S O M E Ayden Kruh...not to be missed (2pm sharp)

We are ALSO going to have a theme for the residents this time and it is going to be.....bored with the drum rolls yet..............CREATURE FEATURE!!! Dress up in your favourite non human avatar or outfit and bring out the animal in you!!!

Event Running Order:

a singer/songwriter, who combines new folk/americana influences with neo-soul vocal melodies to share his take on life, love, faith, pain, and more. This guy has an amazing voice.

1000$L Prize For Best Creature Feature Avatar

Bull Riding Competition

Dancing and General Mayhem

Wet Kitty Photo Opportunity (a Tribe Speciality)

Bring your friends, relatives, Significant other........anyone that you happen to come across in fact and HAVE FUN........Live music - Competitions - Dancing - General Mayhem!!

BE THERE OR....well you know how it goes!!

Coolio New Furniture Store...just a TP away!!!!

I have to share....I have to!!! I was lucky enough to go to a sneak preview of a fabulous new furniture store: ++++PENDULUM FURNITURE++++ , located on the island of Breez. To begin with, the store has the look and feel of a real life ultra chic furniture shop. There are individual display rooms which are filled with 'themed' furniture..anything from a 'kitty-friendly' living room to a murder mystery dining area. ( guess which one I like best? I dare you....guess! *winks*) This stuff is INCREDIBLE...a real must-see! Oh....and I got to wear a helmet....see the picture? ( I am the one in the skirt).What struck me most about this store was the sheer ingenuity of the lay out and the wonderful passion you see reflected in each piece of furniture! These pieces are MORE than just furniture...they are ART! Honestly folks....the details, the colors, the designs.....totally blew me away! So go and take a peek....and tell Sayden and Smokie ( they are the very cool...very wow....very hip owners) that Alexxa told you to come check it out!!! And hey.... drop me a comment about which room YOU like best! Above all...have fun and keep smiling! ;-))

To Be Continued.....

Hello there everyone!! Just thought I would drop my few penneth into this great new Tribe Blog. Make a few eyes glaze over so to speak.
Hopefully over the coming weeks and months we will be hoping to expand the blog to incorporate more interactive features. Linking up with a website will also be a future developement. So it really is a case of watch this space.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can get something out of this. Your comments are gratefully received!! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to all means let us know.

In the meantime let me point you in the direction of an interesting article that I read recently, I would love to hear your thoughts....Lindens Open Sim Future

.........see you later!!

Monday, 21 July 2008

Who Are Tribe 25

I thought it might be a good time to let everyone know who or what Tribe 25 are or is. Well simply put "we" are a virtual real estate company that Rent's Buys and Manages a extensive Land Portfolio within the Second Life virtual world.
Tribe Islands as we currently speak consists of some 24 Island Sims which are occupied by our fantastic cosmopolitan residents.
Within the Tribe Group we also have a Grunge/ Industrial branded clothing range which can be found at our Warehouse Store on Mako Island. Currently we are working on a bigger store and hope to have more news on that soon.
As far as our Islands are concerned they are all beautifully landscaped tropical getaways. Protected by a strong covenant, the Islands are awesome for a peaceful home in Second Life.
So if your looking for a Virtual Tropical Paradise...then a Tribe Island is for you!! I hope you will come visit us.
Just download the Second Life software onto your computer and once inside this incredible world (you need to go through Orientation Island first) you can click on the link here and "teleport" to our very own South Caye where you will be met by someone who can show you around!!
Anyway thats a brief overview...if you have any away :-))

Saturday, 19 July 2008


Well, here I am!! Practically unscathed from the "registration" phase of Operation Tribal Blog!! Now, as I glance around what seems acres and acres of empty virtual blogspace I suddenly feel kinda what do I do?

Ok a deep breath..................................

Right, lets dive into this layout editor and see if we can funk up this rather dull undez rez....I'll be back!!

Oh BTW this is ME.................................