Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The Second Life Hugh Hefner

Stroker Serpentine, who last year sued Volkov Cattaneo for inworld copyright theft of his sex toys, has been recognised as one of the leading entrepreneurs in Second Life.

Whether it is not of tea or you own the complete Strokerz Toys back catalogue, it cannot be denied that this opportunist of the virtual world has come up trumps with his virtual sexual acme "do it to me one more time" equipment.

Well now the "real world" (whatever that is) is interested in Strokerz strokes (cough) in virtual business. Stroker the self proclaimed "second life sex god" in person, larger than life here on the "This Morning Show" just have to see this....I couldn't stop laughing at the bit where they heard his name!!

So how much of SL is about sex. Some estimate it as high as 99% some as low as 2% (the latter avatar has a small island somewhere between the sims Indenial and Unreal, the former kinda walks funny) anyway, what do YOU think? Let us know! Also check out the poll to the right!

Happy Viewing

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  1. Great post , Drift!!! i was in stitches! And I know 'Hef' must be well-pleased with the comparison that Strokerz is the Hugh Hefner of Second Life. Ummmmmm...just one small thing....
    what is cyber-sex?