Saturday, 26 July 2008

To Be Continued.....

Hello there everyone!! Just thought I would drop my few penneth into this great new Tribe Blog. Make a few eyes glaze over so to speak.
Hopefully over the coming weeks and months we will be hoping to expand the blog to incorporate more interactive features. Linking up with a website will also be a future developement. So it really is a case of watch this space.
We look forward to hearing from you and hope that you can get something out of this. Your comments are gratefully received!! If you have any suggestions on what you would like to all means let us know.

In the meantime let me point you in the direction of an interesting article that I read recently, I would love to hear your thoughts....Lindens Open Sim Future

.........see you later!!


  1. If the Metaverse becomes more 'open' the it looks like the people to lose out most will not be Linden Labs ... but those folks who have invested heavily in land. If land in other versions of SL is much cheaper people will migrate ... and so land and tier prices in SL would have to fall to compensate ... is this why you posted this one Drift?

  2. The point you make with reference to Opensim driving costs down is right on the button. However this will indeed effect good old Linden Lab as their bottom line is mainly derived from tier fees and land purchases.

    But I really wonder whether the real future of virtual worlds is on a world that relies on prims for creation. From what I have seen of other worlds out there and coming prims does not seem the general concensus. We have an interesting time ahead.....great to be a part of it. Thanks for the input Kas ;-))

  3. The aspect of Zero Linden bieng able to 'teleport' to other virtual worlds leaves me with more questions, would the other 'virtual worlds' have to install this new addition to allow us as Second Life residents to 'tp' there, and would it be in their best interest. They might be adopting the bot problem, they might be letting griefers or who not create world wide 'grief' and then escape backto another world, and then of course if a second life resident has been banned(and some of those bans are righteous) , couldnt he or she just join another 'virtual world' just tp back into SL and continue where they left off. This may be more damage than profit. Just m ythoughts. BTW, this blog is great and Tribe rocks!! Thanykou Tribe for bieng the greatest, you truely are:)

  4. Totally Valid points anon!! This is something that LL have to come to terms with....and at the end of the day, with the ability for anyone to host a sim on their own server and palce it on the grid, how are you going to know what soert of "sim" you are on and how safe it is. I mean how easy would it to be for somebody totally unscrupulous to set up a sim with the intention of ripping designs and builds etc. I do believe that Microsoft are working on some sort of ID for use when moving between virtual worlds (yes Microsoft are entering the Fray). I will see what I can find and post it here. But as you can see things are moving apace and it will be interesting to see what developes. This week I have visited 3 new worlds and been made aware of two others in the pipeline.
    For me, I am very excited...this is like the web explosion in the late 80's early 90's.........and this is a great chance to pick up and run with it.

    Thanks for your kind comments anon...$L1000 on it's way ;-)

  5. have some valid points and I can see where these issues might be problematic. The possibility of issues we have in this world being transferred to the other new world is a real challenge.I do think that we are just on the horizon of the new world and it is just a matter of time...( *drums fingers*.... Patience has never been one of my virtues!). It's fun...and exciting...and I am looking forward to the new journey!!! On another note....thanks so much for your lovely sentiments about TRIBE. It means the world!!!!! Hugs and kisses....Alexxa ;-))