Saturday, 26 July 2008

Coolio New Furniture Store...just a TP away!!!!

I have to share....I have to!!! I was lucky enough to go to a sneak preview of a fabulous new furniture store: ++++PENDULUM FURNITURE++++ , located on the island of Breez. To begin with, the store has the look and feel of a real life ultra chic furniture shop. There are individual display rooms which are filled with 'themed' furniture..anything from a 'kitty-friendly' living room to a murder mystery dining area. ( guess which one I like best? I dare you....guess! *winks*) This stuff is INCREDIBLE...a real must-see! Oh....and I got to wear a helmet....see the picture? ( I am the one in the skirt).What struck me most about this store was the sheer ingenuity of the lay out and the wonderful passion you see reflected in each piece of furniture! These pieces are MORE than just furniture...they are ART! Honestly folks....the details, the colors, the designs.....totally blew me away! So go and take a peek....and tell Sayden and Smokie ( they are the very cool...very wow....very hip owners) that Alexxa told you to come check it out!!! And hey.... drop me a comment about which room YOU like best! Above all...have fun and keep smiling! ;-))


  1. Hi Alexxa .... been shopping again I see :-)) Can we send you some ideas of places to visit on your retail therapy days? cheers, Kas

  2. Ahhhh yes....retail therapy! Who invented that? ;-)) kas..that would be awesome for you to post your fave places! All posts and comments are welcome...!!!!!
    xx oo Alexxa :-))