Monday, 21 July 2008

Who Are Tribe 25

I thought it might be a good time to let everyone know who or what Tribe 25 are or is. Well simply put "we" are a virtual real estate company that Rent's Buys and Manages a extensive Land Portfolio within the Second Life virtual world.
Tribe Islands as we currently speak consists of some 24 Island Sims which are occupied by our fantastic cosmopolitan residents.
Within the Tribe Group we also have a Grunge/ Industrial branded clothing range which can be found at our Warehouse Store on Mako Island. Currently we are working on a bigger store and hope to have more news on that soon.
As far as our Islands are concerned they are all beautifully landscaped tropical getaways. Protected by a strong covenant, the Islands are awesome for a peaceful home in Second Life.
So if your looking for a Virtual Tropical Paradise...then a Tribe Island is for you!! I hope you will come visit us.
Just download the Second Life software onto your computer and once inside this incredible world (you need to go through Orientation Island first) you can click on the link here and "teleport" to our very own South Caye where you will be met by someone who can show you around!!
Anyway thats a brief overview...if you have any away :-))

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