Thursday, 13 November 2008

Tribe Store - Picks Competition

We are just about to start running a “Profile Picks” Promotion for the Tribe Store!!

We thought we would give our residents the heads up first!!!! The idea is to give the store more exposure and help it in the search listings. We hope you will take part.

Basically a name will be drawn at random intervals from the entrants and the winner will receive a cash prize (Up to $L1000).

To Enter simply TP (Link Is Below-or Ask Alexxa or Drift for a TP) to the store and click on the Blue Entry Board….then add the store to your picks (instructions are there) and Voila !! If your name is drawn and you have us in your picks you will win. There will be at least one draw per week and a maximum of four draws per week.

So, it’s easy to enter and you get the chance to win up to four times every week!!!

Winners will be im’d of their win and their names posted on the Blog unless they request anonymity.

Please Allow 24 hours for your pick to appear in search!!

If you need any help or you have any questions, just yell!!

Thank You and Good Luck!!!

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