Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Well, at last we have clarification on the new pricing with reference to Open Space Sims. We also have the Introduction of the new “Homestead” Sim. The new sim is designed to cope with Light Residential or Light Commercial use, exactly as we have used OSS since day one.

I will try and simplify as best I can as to how it affects Tribe Residents. However if you need more details please follow the links below.

SL Blog
Knowledge Base

For Those That Just Want Some Light Entertainment

Firstly, all of Tribes Open Space Sims can now be classed as the new “Homestead” sim so in short that means type of use will not change. We will not be dropping the sims performance by leaving them as Open Space Sims.
There may be a script restriction and there will be an avatar restriction of 20 avatars per sim (at one go). But in truth having monitored open space sim use since we introduced them , this should, apart from one of our sims, not be an issue with “Homestead” sims. These changes will not be implemented until January 5th.
There is no need for anyone to do anything……all will be handled by Tribe and there will be no physical changes in your sims.

Open Space Sims will have their prims reduced to 750 and the performance will have “throttles” applied.

So to summarise, ALL Tribe Open Space Sims can now be classed as “Homestead” Sims and there is no change to prim allowance or land size. So if you lived on an open space sim yesterday you don’t today 

The Prices
On the “Homestead” Sims there will be a phased in increase per sim as follows.

January 5th 2009 there will be an increase of rent/tier of $20 per sim (Homestead)
July 2009 there will be an increase of rent/tier $30 per sim (Homestead)

The following applies to existing Residents.
As we promised, there will be NO increase at all for “Homestead” (OSS) residents until February 1st, even though Linden Labs increase their prices to us on January 5th.
Also the increase will not be fully passed down to our residents. The rise in February will be in line with Linden Labs increase. However Tribe will absorb 50% of the price increase. Therefore for a whole sim there will be an increase to the resident of $10, Tribe will absorb $10 also. Likewise if you own ½ an Island the price increase will be $5 and ¼ Island it will be $2.50.

As far as the July increase is concerned the same method as the January increase will apply. With Tribe again absorbing 50% of the rise.

As we have said before we will offer equivalent transfer to a full prim sim if any resident requires. The prices paid for the OSS land they bought will be honoured. However we need to have made those transfers before the 22nd of December. We cannot transfer after that date.

The increases do not effect those on Full Prim Sims.

As far as the original LL decision goes , Tribe was as outraged as many people were at the huge hike in costs proposed for January 5th. The reasons behind the hike are also hard to fathom. However, they have in many ways changed their approach and although it is really only a “sugaring” of the pill…..the phasing in of the increase makes for easier decision making.

Hopefully this makes things a little clearer. We thank you for being the fab people you are and hope that you can understand our position. We, at all times put our residents and the Tribe community first. If you have any questions at all please feel free to ask Alexxa or Myself or indeed leave a comment here…we will answer all comments related to this issue!!

Thanks All!!!

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