Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New President...New Hope!

Today we can look at the United States in a new way…bold new frontiers…barriers broken…and steps taken towards a different America. While the phrase ‘historic election’ has been used repeatedly, in my opinion, that phrase dilutes the ‘whole’ of it. It is estimated that 64% of Americans will have exercised their right to vote…weathering long lines, broken voting machines and sometimes even weathering…the weather! Moreover, for the first time ever, America has an African –American in the White House! America’s people have spoken : Change is what is needed to grow and improve for the better. Now is the time to make promises into realities and to come together as a nation and as a people. I am hopeful that as we look towards the horizon, we see a compassionate America, an America that reaches out to the World and works with other nations to benefit all nations, and an America that we can ALL be proud of.

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