Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Roll Of Honour- The Add To Picks Winners!!!

click the image above to tp to Tribe Wear and Enter (Instructions @ Site)



Prize Money Paid Out Thus Far $L1000
The names below are the winners on our weekly "ADD TO PICKS" Draws

Week Commencing 17th November 2008

Dorientje Woller
Angela Eldridge
Deniz Serpente
Toy Bimbogami

Week Commencing 24th November 2008

Monkeyman Marama
Spring Zessinthal
Nina2007 Beck
Serenity Craven

Week Commencing 1st December 2008

Storm Swansong
Katlyn Easerwood
Serenity Craven
Malchar McCullough

Week Commencing 9th December 2008

Ayla Swashbuckler
Electra Stryker
Papaa Dawg
Johnny Sabetha

Week Commencing 15th December 2008

Ariannie Andretti
Ricky Wittels
Loppy Zanzibar
Sasha Bouscario

Week Commencing 22nd December 2008

Kharzim Bahshir
Samnsara Dean
Kittyeyes Vyper
Stefan67 Streeter

Week Commencing 29th December 2008

Kendra Rascon
Majo Windlow
Elisabet Constantine

Goticacom Klaar

Week Commencing 5th January 2009

Pirate Ah
Bluebells Mayo
Nero Rodas
Cachivelez Potez

Week Commencing 12th January 2009

Izit Darkstone
MJose85 Avril
Biffette Gothly
Deniz Serpente

Week Commencing 19th January 2009

Charming Serevi
Blackgurl Enyo
Degree Ghost
Blondy Calamity

Week Commencing 26th January 2009

Rae Maven
Reddy Sweetwater
Ariannie Andretti
Rosalie Tungsten

Week Commencing 2nd February 2009

Bela Skytower
Blondy Clamity
Cassiie Adamski
Wakie Petrovic

Week Commencing 9th February 2009

Prue Core
Davey Burner
Soryn Alchemi
Badazz Inglewood

Week Commencing 16th February 2009

Rose Farquart
Benandante Tapia
Cullen Zuta
Cocolino2 Coba

Week Commencing 23rd February 2009

Lieke Enzo
Janneke Suserman
Warder Revestel
Samy Abbot

Week Commencing 2nd March 2009

Minatina Charmann
Kruze Parx
Therodie Core
Buda Barak

Week Commencing 9th March 2009

Heaven Jonstone
Loppy Zanzibar
Stephanie Honi
Liv Lowey

Week Commencing 16th March 2009

Kali Aichi
ISIS plutonian
Amstia Khandr
Kyasia Sahara

Week Commencing 23rd March 2009

neotr constantine
xrodia bravin
wbush denja
kali aichi

Week Commencing 30th March 2009

becca texan
DrBottle Carfield
Carlitos Writer
Mirelaryssa Delvalle

Week Commencing 6th April 2009

orson spore
Anrana Metaluna
My Exonar
Liv Lowey

Week Commencing 13th April 2009

Astral Luminos
Anrana Metaluna
Jack Dirval
Floortje Maertens

Week Commencing 20th April 2009

Angela Pinelli
Kaitlynn Caproni
Dand Inkpen
Teresa Dollinger

Week Commencing 27th April 2009

King Xigalia
Mark1 Foxtrot
Dakota Lubitsch
Markvini Bing

Week Commencing May 4th 2009

Poppy Coba
Baynot Cyberschreiber
Phoenix Slingshot
Donnie Texan
Week Commencing May 11th 2009

julis Benoir
Nana Aljon
Tracey Bloxome
Demone Darkstone

Week Commencing May 19th 2009

Accessaryman Renierd
Riemmeth Aldrin
Stefy Elcano
Bebe Begonia

Week Commencing May 25th 2009

Angelstar3 Stonewall
Rotting Neox
Pruella Burleigh
Kiera Okelli

Week Commencing June 1 2009
AnGels Usher
Cherri Jonson
Bud Bliss
Tiela Matova
Week Commencing June 6 2009
Blu Jupiter
Kramer Snookums
Miguel Tierbel
Alexander1982 Underwood
Week Commencing June 15 2009
Mama Sugar
Rai Blaylock
Pruella Burleigh
Buffy Spyker
Week Commencing June 22 2009
Queen Swashbuckler
Mercedes Avon
Skyy Quartz
Galia Caldwell
Week Commencing June 29,2009
Shorty Mavinelli
Magnis Wakowski
WildLord Denimore
Smockey Clowes
Weel Commencing July 6,2009
Mason Oskar
KP Spargel
Yari Avon
Eld Rider
Week Commencing July 13,2009
Griffin Lyle
Nay Westland
Brute Bigbear
erwan Skytower
Week commencing July 20,2009
Aja Direwytch
Erika Enimo
Anniezza Cobert
Rai Blaylock
Week Commencing July 27, 2009
Arianna Portilo
Stira Sleydon
Sierra Neximus
Max Dotterkelch
Week Commencing August 3, 2009
Kittyn Panthar
Dana Riiser
Kimmy Serdyuk
TortugaTom Macbain
Week Commencing August 10, 2009
Burke Wilkinson
Andre Brandes
Arun Botha
Rossan Caproni

Week Commencing August 17, 2009
Davi Colman
aa choche
Celeste Octavia
Nolan Bock

Week Commencing August 24, 2009
Achille Daviau
Ace Berger
Campbell Asbrink
Harker Gabe

Week Commencing August 31, 2009
Alexey Hancroft
Carson Boucher
Adama Dalglish
Shan Rennahan

Week Commencing August 31, 2009
Trista Auer
Vella Babii
Yuya Straddling
Saru Thorner

Week Commencing September 7, 2009
Tomsena Rae
Anne Tuttle
Karu Bookmite
Darscious Zeluco

Week Commencing September 14, 2009
Cowboy Nikolaidis
Moxing Mox
Jummy Gasser
Roscat Magic

Week Commencing September 21, 2009
Brion Docherty
Brin Vollmar
Tenk Flux
Airia Imako

Week Commencing September 21, 2009
Alfred Noe
Marsi Mint
Jeff Warden
Alicia Harb
Olddrtybastard Dogghouse

Week Commencing September 28, 2009
Olddrtybastard Dogghouse
Mars Wheeler
Tammy Arbenlow
crazycley Wheland

Week Commencing October 5, 2009
Kaylan Cusack
Danielde Karu
Tinkerbell Naidoo
Dean Pinelli

Week Commencing October 12, 2009
Joge Crescendo
Raymond Zsun
Zoey Xue
Kaell Bedrosian

Week Commencing October 19, 2009
Stacia Sweetwater
Brickslinger Foxdale
Jahamason Wasp
Goldhawk Xiaglia

Week Commencing October 26, 2009
Ginzu Inshan
Turbo Todd
Galley Bellic
Tinsley Broome

Week Commencing November 1,2009
Ceri Bronet
Carm Zadark
Writer Bloch
Foxxy Hynes

Week Commencing November 8,2009
Clarity Kidd
Lvala Graves
Lavalover Irata
Lover Carter

Week Commencing November 15,2009
Greet Flossberg
Comet Morigi
Sideways Medier
Infinity Brando

Week Commencing November 22,2009

Lister McMillan
Luca Endrizzi
Mari Teardrop
Hansi Kienzle

Week Commencing November 29,2009

Slick Bolissima
Zach Amat
Cioc Taback
Tony Wurzel

How To Enter
Simple: TP to this location "Tribe Islands"
Left Click on The Competition Board (To Enter)
Add the location to your Picks (Instructions next to competition board)
Make sure your profile is set to "show in search"

Up to 4 Draws are made weekly
Winners are paid and notified by Tribe Staff
Winners must collect prize within 2 weeks of notification
or forfeit complete prize.

If you have any questions or need assistance contact Alexxa Despres inworld

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