Sunday, 3 January 2010


For the VERY first ' Oh The Places You Go" for 2010, I went to a sim that was recommended by a friend. The sim is patterned after a town in Cuba with the distinct flavor of the Amercican Southwest woven into this island's tapestry. When I arrived, my first inclination was to wander around and find a nice place for a siesta. Fortunately for me, I happened upon a quaint little cafe that served sangria and chips (yes, really! )

Emvee Cuba is a great place to wander around and just soak up the atmosphere and admire the architecture. I was in awe of the builds not only for their authenticity but also for their rich textures and vibrant colors. Lots of different poses (disguised as small cameras) dot the landscsape so take advantage as they make for some great photo ops! There are also some shops scattered about as well as a gorgeous old church , which I have to confess, I found breathtaking! Picture postcard perfect, Cuba Emvee is a lovely place to visit so put on your bermuda shorts, grab a friend and away you Cuba Emvee!

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  1. wow, who is the good looking guy at the table? ;)

  2. I wonder Magnus ;)!!

    Cool place to visit, the only thing lacking is loads of 1970's cars and old scooters bombing up and down the roads
    One thing about Cuba/Havana is that it is bustling.