Saturday, 23 January 2010


Feeling the need for a bit of R & R , I decided to slap on my compass and go exploring in the vast land we call Second Life. As always, I was looking for something different, out of the ordinary and something that would well...knock my socks off! Come with me on my journey as I explore 2 sims: Japan Kanto and Japan Chubu . Click on the names of the islands for a SLURL!

Japan Kanto is designed to look and feel like a classic Japanese market . The market is filled with some amazing Japanese furniture, art, buildings and more, all very detailed and high quality. The market borders the edges of a Zen garden, which is not only beautiful to look at but has some areas within for meditation and quiet reflection. In all honesty, I loved the garden more than the actual shopping! After all, I was looking for R & R!! One of the most quaint areas I came across was a tent that housed a 'magic lantern' that showed slides of real life Japan. Take a minute to relax and enjoy the slide show. I love how this is a mix of SL's creativity and RL pictures! Leave yourself plenty of time to browse through the market and try out some of the more interesting things...they have rickshaws!!!

The Japan Chuba sim houses a re-creation of one Japan's most historic castles: Matsumoto Castle. Not only is the castle impressive in its likeness to the REAL castle but the grounds of this island make you feel as if you have been dropped right into the heart of this gorgeous region of Japan. Certainly have a wander through the castle and on the grounds but also fly over the island so you can absorb, in full , its grace and beauty. This sim is part of a group of Asian themed sims, all easy to traverse and explore with each offering something unique and special.
As always, breathe deep and ENJOY!!!

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