Thursday, 14 January 2010

When we set about designing and setting up our Sims at Tribe we have to take a lot of things into mind. One of the things we take into consideration is the fact that peoples' prim requirements can change.
Not just because they want to have more furniture or want to upgrade to a prim hungry but stunning beach house but also for temporary use when you throw an event at your parcel, like a birthday party, wedding etc.

To this end each Island Sim (excluding Homesteads) has an allocation of prims set aside so that they can be added to your allowance either temporarily or permanently if needed. The allocation per sim usually numbers between 100 - 1400 prims, depending on the sim. Some of you are aware that this is available and have made use already.

It should be pointed out at this point, that once the prims are all allocated there will be none available until some are freed up.

For temporary allocation, for an event etc there is no charge for the prims, just give Alexxa, Blu or Magnus a yell.

For a more permanent allocation, there is a cost per prim. Again give one of the team a shout and they can let you know price and availability.

So if you need some extra prims for your plot either temporarily or more permanently just ask!!

Here is a list of Prims that are available per Sim:

Breeze Caye 154 - Cape Jaffa 852 - Cape Shore 1426 - Coco Caye 197 Coral Caye 470 - Eagle Caye 156 - Echo Beach 257 - Emerald Caye 286 South Caye 278 - West Caye 514

All other sims have no prims available currently. All prims allocated on a first come first served basis.

Contact Alexxa Despres, Blu Jupiter or Magnus Wakowski for info or if you have any questions :)

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