Friday, 22 January 2010


Having spoken to quite a few people recently about the film "Avatar" it would seem that so many have been inspired by James Camerons work. No more so than the amazing content creators within SL.

So far I have seen some excellent Na'vi skins,Na'vi Skybox and some of the weapons ( bows and arrows etc) used in the film.

Having seen this incredible film, which really does set the benchmark for CGI in movies, I have to say I myself was inspired. So, when Tribe was approached by someone looking for a Pandora style sim...we did not need asking twice.

We had no intentions of copying directly from Pandora and we also felt that there was some "feel" of Hawaii in the film also, so we set out to achieve something that pulled from both of these and that would work in SL for a residential sim. it is.....our very own piece of Eden and our latest theme. This will add to our current Tropical & Lakeland Themes. It is currently still "under construction" but should be complete for resident occupation over the next week to ten days. It is great fun to create and using a lot of Lilith and Dolly Hearts excellent plants, palms etc (Heart Botanicals) we think we have achieved what we set out to do.

For more information about availability and pricing contact Alexxa Despres.

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  1. It´s starting to look pretty amazing, just don't ask me to do the gardening work in the future ;)