Monday, 1 February 2010


Having had a good look around Avatar United after reading Avatars, Unite! on the Second Life blog, I have to say I have been reasonably impressed. Yes, it lacks functionality and yes it is glitchy as hell and has had it's infamous DB collapse where tons of data just disappeared....BUT I view this as teething troubles. It may have been more sensible for LL to have prepared their newly acquired social networking tool before shouting it from the roof tops, but that's done now...let's look forward.

In isolation, this acquisition is rather too focused in market terms, but as a part of a much larger marketing strategy it is very much a worthy addition. Certainly Second Life avatars will eat this up. It gives them just what they need at a time when other social networking sites are treating avatars like lepers and trying to out, well, everyone. If you value control of your privacy and are PROUD of your avatar then Avatars United is just the ticket!
Whether or not avatars from other virtual worlds, mporg's etc really want to join in a LL controlled venture remains to be seen. For me, I think if it has its very obvious flaws quickly ironed out ,this is a great buy for LL.

Pretty much all of the Tribe Team are aboard AU and have their pages set up. We hope to see you onboard and look forward to seeing you and hopefully Uniting with you!!

Avatars, Unite!!!!

One thing that the site DOES lack and something that quite frankly is a huge miss is its ability to verify avatar names. Why is this important? Well it means ANYONE can sign up as ANY avatar if the name is still available. So it would be wise, if you are intending using AU to sign up your avatar name asap to avoid someone else claiming your name !!

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