Tuesday, 23 February 2010


Lots of eyes will be on the SL Blog for news of the release of the V2.0 Viewer (Beta). News of its pending release is all over the metaways!!
So are you excited or are you fearing the worst for your SL experience?

Well, it would seem we do not have long to wait to find out....but in the meantime...here is a pic of the new viewer German Style.

And here is a tour video of the new viewer:

Let us know what you think of it :)


  1. Nothing?..one of the biggest things to happen i Sl since it started..and nothing?! Not even a comment? ;)

    I like it! Its going to take a while getting used to, but it think it will be great.

  2. I agree Magnus...i am having serious muscle memory issues!! And there are some things that will take an age to get used to. But overall it looks pretty impressive to me. But the proof will be in the using and as long as LL are quick about ironing out ll the glitches all should be good!! Now we wait for MESH!!!!

  3. There are thing s I LOVE about it..the favorites bar being one of them! However, I find chat to be clunky IM's easy to miss. The colors...um..rethink needed on that...putrid green and grey....how about an easy on the eye turquoise? I know it's Beta....so I am hoping they will listen to feedback and make GOOD changes!!!

  4. I Think It's pretty good, of course it's going to take a while to get used to. I used to like my search bar and my music/media buttons. I might be wrong but do you have to search in Maps? and the music button was not so obvious to spot. Or was that just me lol. still lots to learn, like how to change music URL. I'll work it out.

  5. Hi Tye...yes it is a learning curve..just when I think I am used to it...something else crops up. I think for the most part tho...it's coolio! TY for commenting!!

  6. It's very clear to see that the designers of this viewer are not SL power users. This viewer is the pits.