Thursday, 13 August 2009


Today I heard that Golf and Womens Boxing were vying to become officially recognised Olympic Sports. I won't comment on the Boxing situation because THATS a no brainer, but when it comes to GOLF I have to admit that quite honestly I thought it already was.

When you consider that the following sports are already recognised (although not contested….yet) Bridge, Chess, Tug of War and Lifesaving how can it be that such a global Sport with a capital S is not recognised.

Admittedly if I had put some thought into it I would have come to the conclusion that I had never actually seen anyone play golf in an Olympic games and my shock would not have been so severe as to make me press the wrong button on my tv remote.

Let’s face it, if the insanely smiling nose clip brigade of synchronised swimming can make it in there then why not Golf…….or Parrot Rearing for that matter. I mean ..really…call that a sport!! Yes..yes…maybe I can’t do it…but would I want to!!!?

One of the criteria for an activity becoming an officially recognised Olympic Sport is Youth Appeal, so what exactly does that mean. Will we eventually see Graffiti Spraying or Rapping inaugurated into the Pantheon of Olympic Sports. I know that Skateboarding is up for review so nothing would be a surprise.

Personally I think the Olympics is in danger of becoming so bloated with fringe activities that soon it will take a Continent to host it. Having said that I am extremely proud that my own country will be hosting the 2012 Olympics and can't wait until that opening ceremony where I HOPE to be present!

I am off to dust of my old Rap Lyrics. You never know I could be the next Michael Johnson of Rap (or could that be Ben).

What sports do you think Should or Should not be recognised as Olympic sports.


  1. Bowling! did you know that more people play bowling than baseball in the world? Bet u didn´t :)

  2. I love trivia Magnus...ty for that and NO i didn't KNOW that!