Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Always in search of new and different places, I was lucky enough to happen upon a realllly cool place. Well, 'happen upon' is not exactly the right phrase...'dragged there' is more like it! Whimsical and delightful and just so incredibly well -done, The Drill Factory blew me away! Go check out the glass merry-go-round and the snow globe! Make sure you fly around so you can see all the fun stuff! One of the things that amazed me most was the feeling one gets of being weightless as you fly around...almost like you are floating in space. I know that sounds odd, but you just have to go there to see what I mean! I STILL can't figure out how the creator makes you feel 'floaty', can YOU? Tell me what you think of my new discovery! Happy exploring!!!! CLICK HERE FOR THE SLURL!

xxx Alexxa


  1. This is one of my absolute favorite places in SL. It's so peaceful. And yes, Alexxa, I understand what you mean by feeling 'floaty'.

  2. LOL at you getting what I mean by ...'floaty'. I LOVE it!!!