Friday, 28 August 2009

OHHHHH....the Places you GO!!!!

Sunday…Monday…Happy Days!!! Tuesday…Wednesday…Happy Days! Who remembers THAT theme song? If you are longing for a retro 'fix' and a taste of the fifties, when the air was clean and getting frisky meant kissing at the Drive-In, here’s a fun place for you to go to in Second Life.

From a roller rink to a highly detailed, vintage Diner car to the cool Drive-In move theater,there’s lots to see and do at DecoRetropia. Need s new leather jacket a la James Dean? DECORETROPIA has stores with vintage clothing and ooo laa laa.... a Burlesque Club! Seeing as I have never been to a REAL Drive in movie, I thought I would give the one at Decoretropia a whirl. They were showing vintage YouTube videos and from what I gather, they will be showing full length retro movies in the near future. (See what I did there…talking about the ‘future’ in blog post about a RETRO sim? ) I also took a spin around the roller rink, which was actually quite fun. They have skates for sale, starting at just 75 L$ and the skates are scripted to do tricks! So put on your poodle skirt,get your hair slicked back and go enjoy an evening out…in 50’s style! Click HERE for SLURL!!!


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  2. I think that's code for " Howard, you're getting frisky!!"