Monday, 31 August 2009

New Look

As was previewed at this years SLCC in San Francisco, Linden Lab have rolled out their new look website for all to gaze upon and wonder and ponder.
Certainly the change has caused a stir from people threatening to leave the platform entirely in protest at the greenyness of it all and to those wanting to partner the designers. The forums are full of comments , and as one would expect the spectrum of views is vast.
For me, I think it needed to be freshened up but it also needed to be better accesible to new users, thus encouraging browsers to grab the client download and jump into the world of Second Life. Well fresh it certainly is, but for the latter I am not so sure. It is too clunky for me and for sure needs tweeking. With all the fancy pop up menus, and picture links etc it has all become a bit too fussy. New users and me for that matter prefer simplicity.
Anyway what do you or hate...or is there a THIRD way?


  1. I do NOT like it at all as it is hard to traverse. I want to be able to go to a website and know what to do at a quick glance, not have to study and peruse it. :-(((

  2. Lots of grinding of teeth in Xstreet and the Blog comments !