Friday, 12 June 2009


We are so excited to have 2 new members to the Tribe Team and we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to Juliagoolia Emmons and Blu Jupiter and let you hear a bit about each of their OWN words!

Just for a bit of fun…I asked the girls to tell me what they like to do in SL for fun!

Juliagoolia said: I love meeting new people and finding out how they enjoy spending their time in SL. I try to go to a new place in SL each week and accomplish something new. Some of the greatest places are the beaches, amusement parks and clothing stores!!

Blu said: I love to see all there is in sl. I am a shameless shop-a-holic and love a good scavenger hunt (great way to get quality free products.) I enjoy trying to build and script, emphasis on try. I'm a major shutterbug in SL and RL. Currently checking out scuba diving .

For those Tribe Natives who have yet to meet these 2 gorgeous Tribe Team members, give them a holler …. introduce yourself! And if you need help or questions answered, feel free to give them a shout about that as well!

So cool to have you aboard, Julia and Blu!!!!!!

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  1. Fantastic to have you fab ladies on board...look forward to working with you :)