Friday, 5 June 2009


This week, in Cairo, the US President Barack Obama made a keynote speech calling for “a new beginning” in ties between the United States and the Muslim world.
In a speech which included references from the Koran, the President was clear that the “years of distrust” must end and “common ground” sought. His speech was greeted with a standing ovation.
Is this the beginning of a seismic shift in Western/Muslim relations and the setting aside of long held suspicions and prejudices? Will this lead to the rejection of terrorism and the tearing down of extremist and violent fundamentalism?
Not even the most optimistic would be starry eyed enough to think that this one speech could mend all those years that were contaminated by a "cycle of suspicion and discord". But, is this the seed of a better future?
And what of Obama himself, is he destined for greatness or will the machinations of lobbyists and corporate America empty those fine ideas of any meaningful substance or indeed are we seeing adept use of smoke and mirrors?

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