Saturday, 20 June 2009


Do you remember when you were just out of the Linden Lab virtual womb? Stumbling around trying to make sense of the virtual world. I certainly do, and although I was pretty wide eyed and thrilled by it all, at times it was a little frustrating.
Remember Camping? Money Trees? Who doesn't!!? Wondering how long it would take you to save up enough Lindens so you could have that piece of land you have coveted from day one. And then realising that if you camped for 324 years and 6 months you might just have enough for a 512 square meter plot.
Well, we want to give some new residents a bit of a leg up, a small taste of something to call home while they find their feet. Now this is no Tribe Island Paradise and the allowance is only 30 prims. But we are offering any resident who is under 60 days old a fully furnished apartment for $L1 per week!!!! Yes ONE LINDEN per week!!
They MUST be less than 60 Days old and be the main account (not an alt). If they qualify they can rent an apartment for a maximum of 1 month. They will have a place to rez objects and hideaway if they wish. The apartments have basic chairs, table a bed (with poses) and a roof.
So, if you know a Noob who could do with a break, get them to contact one of the Tribe Staff and if they qualify, we will set them up with an apartment. There are currently 8 aptmts available so rush rush before they are all gone!!

Tribe Lodge can be found on MAKO click here to tp.

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