Saturday, 20 June 2009


“The Garden” is a delightful Japanese based play written, presented and perfomed by Mojo Manamiko and LuckyMoon Jiagu
The play tells of the love between Ho Ling a lowly foot soldier and Ji Yue a daughter of the Emperors Court.

The sets are very well done and the avatars are exceptional. There is a very soothing soundtrack and at a run time of only twenty minutes even those with the shortest of attention span should find this engrossing.
If you get a chance , please , put down the Melon Gun for twenty minutes and indulge yourself in something that is well delivered and a change from the sl norm.

Enjoy…because I did.

Well done Mojo & Lucky


Monday to Thursday...... 5pm slt

Friday ...... 7am slt and 6pm slt

Saturday and Sunday.....TBA

Groups are welcomed...Please IM Mojo or Lucky for private showtimes.
Click Here For TP

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