Friday, 1 May 2009


Since Kai Island opened
and Lacy Rossini set up her awesome waves, a lot of you have been donning the boardies, grabbing your boards and hitting the big blue!!! But also a lot of you (like me) have crashed and burned in a pile of froth and red cheeks on the beach!!!
Well the solution is at hand!!

Kimmy Jigsaw is more than happy to help the Tribe Residents find their surf legs by giving Free Instruction!! This is a totally awesome offer and we appreciate it so much!! Her partner Wilfrid Decuir has also been spotted giving instruction on Kai and to both of you THANKS!!!

As for credentials of this awesome pair….well Kimmy is the founding member of the SLSA (Second Life Surfing Association) and Wil is the 2008 Surf Champion!!! Yep…you could NOT be in better hands…so if your keen on dipping your toe into the surfing scene……give either one of them an im!!! And ENJOY!!

Click Here to Visit The Waves on Kai!! (Free Surf Boards available on the beach)

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  1. This is sooooooo KEWL! I can't wait to have my first lesson! Thanks , Kimmy and Wil!!! xx oo