Thursday, 28 May 2009


This Friday Night we have a REAL treat for everyone!!!!

First of all we have the first viewing of the Tribe Machinima film which so many of you took part in…and we are Hugely happy with the results….so a big thank you to Ariella, Director and Producer extrordinnaire !!!

The “premier” will be @ 2:45 Sharp on The Deck!!

But it doesn’t end there…….right after everyone has had a good look at the movie…we have…....taking to the stage an awesome musician who goes by the name of:

Dominick Manatiso

Now , as many of you may or may not know I am from Scotland, and as such was not brought up on Western Country Music (porridge yes! country, no!)…and as such could never be accused of being a fan. BUT this guy put such a smile on my face when we came across one of his performances recently that my previously skewed image of country was put bang to rights!!! He is a great singer (pop rock & country)…he is fun…in fact he is simply a great all round entertainer…and we are proud to have him play at Tribe!! I honestly implore you not to miss out.

The machinima, music and mayhem!!!!!!

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