Monday, 18 May 2009


Lots of individuals
and groups get bombarded by spam relating to this and that object or avatar having the ability to wipe accounts of L$.

Well the objects that can do this, if they exist at all are very rare indeed!! And protection against them are really a case of common sense!!

Two simple rules we recommend you follow:

1"Don't accept objects offered to you when you are not expecting the object and/or the person offering the object is a stranger"
(bear in mind that you may not know the owner of a vendor you are purchasing from this does not mean that there is a problem)

2"If you ever see an Orange box in the top right of your screen stating :"An object wants permission to take linden dollars $L from your account" and you don't know why..........Decline the Request

I hope this is of some help!!

Better Safe Than Sorry

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