Friday, 24 April 2009


As you may or may not be aware
SL is about to make another of it’s seismic shifts,. This time the shift is aimed at “enhancing” and “improving” the user friendliness of the platform and to make sure that we are all happy bunnies.

Epicentre of this phenomena is the awkward acronym AO or Adult Oriented (just once I would love to hear GW Bush say those two words). Or to put it another way Adult Content.
Linden Labs are in the process of rolling out a new mainland continent- Project Name URSULA which is to become the Red Light District of the Second Life Mainland.

Any content, service or activity that has its roots in a strictly adult theme and that is openly advertised, sold or displayed in public will have its provider given a choice. Move to the new continent or desist. This only applies to the mainland.

For Estate land, which all of Tribe is, there is no moving involved. In the case of an Estate Island with Adult Content being advertised or sold, then the choice is simple. The content is removed or the WHOLE Island must be flagged as ADULT.

It should be stated at this point that the DEFINITIONS for what constitutes Adult Content have not been published yet and we wait with great anticiption.
This however does not affect what goes on in your own space as long as anything AO is not being advertised sold or placed in search etc. If it is for private use ( ie a sex bed or pose balls) it’s fine.
Basically everyone, there is NO NEED TO PANIC….Tribe has no issues with AO and all will be as serene as ever. Even those gorgeous semi naked ladies that dance around the fire on Kai each night are fine :))) ( click here for tp to Kai )

CLICK HERE for the LL BLOGPOST on the subject.

If you have any questions feel free to im myself or any of the staff and we will try to answer.

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