Friday, 23 January 2009


It was a truly historic day on Tuesday 21st January 2009. Unless you have been stuck on Help Island with no tp facility, you cannot have failed to notice that the inauguration of the first ever black President of the United States with all the associated hopes for a nation and indeed the world that that entails, was the event of the day. Although in truth it was followed closely by the Historic Hat worn by Aretha Franklin at the same event!

As I watched the luminaries take their place on the erected podium on the Capitol Building and the huge, and I do mean huge, crowds packing the Mall, I could feel my own sense of excitement rise as, in effect, the enthusiasm of the US for the pending installation of a new and very special president was extremely infectious.
From Kent to Kenya, Beijing to Belize, Arctic to the Amazon the whole world watched with keen anticipation.
Then the moment arrived. President elect Barack Hussein Obama rose to take the Oath Of Office. Did a hush descend across the world? I fancy it did! Over the next few moments the president elect spoke with sure footed confidence, and even managed a deft sidestep when served up a nice curve ball from Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts. Then, the deed was done.
With a few hugs of congratulations the most powerful man on the planet turned to address the world.
With a speech that offered no hiding places for the tasks that face the US both domestic and foreign, that slammed those who would swim against the tide or not pull their weight, that set out his intent to ensure the US leads from the front as a force for good. A speech which offered an open palm to all but the clenched fist, and a promise of a duty of care for our precious environment. Now I felt inspired!!

There was no doubt in my mind that this man Barack Hussein Obama has the opportunity to make and change his country and indeed the world for the better. If he and his team can muster the will and strength to wrest the grip of big business and lobbyists from the levers of power this truly can be the most influential and important Presidencies in many generations. And I for one feel confident that it is within him and judging by the millions who braved a freezing morning in Washington, I was not alone. Dare we now believe?

My CONGRATULATIONS to our American cousins on the inauguration of your 44th President!! And Aretha Franklin on her Hat!!

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