Sunday, 18 January 2009


5 Guinea Pigs Required
to test Tribes all new Zebra Baseball Boots!!! The first five residents to comment here on the blog stating their favourite colour and why it is their favourite colour will win a pair of these Awesome Zebra Basers!!!! **only one pair per plot…sorry but with 5 people sometimes on one plot…it would be unfair ;)

If you want to see them in the flesh, visit here Zebra Display

All we ask is that you thoroughly test them and give us your feedback!!

Once you have thoroughly tested them and all is good…..we will put them on general sale!! ALL Tribe residents can have 50% Discount on the Boots. So if you don’t get to the Free Ones….you can still have a great deal!!

The Boots are size adjustable and come with a total of 93 Colours!!! YES 93!!! And obviously they have the Tribe Logo on them J.

We hope you really really LOVE them as much as we do.

Post Your Fave Colours and Comments Below!!!

Alexxa or Drift will send you your freebies once we have 5 names!!!



  1. My favourite colour is Blue....I adore the sea and the sky ...........and so I like blue :)))

    This does not count as one of the five!!!!


  2. I like reminds me of the breakfast cereal I eat every morning!

  3. My fave color is Azure. I like blue also, but more specifically, azure. I don't really know why. I just find it a beautiful color, especially as someone's eyes. =) (mine are blue)

  4. Well I would have to say that blue is also my fave color; as it is the color of calming waters and I'm most at peace near the water.

  5. i like the blue in a persons eyes love to look into their souls

  6. lynda dreamscape18 January 2009 at 19:11

    i like the blue in a persons eyes love to look into their souls
    Lynda dreamscape

  7. These are soooooooooooooo Drift.

  8. I like red. cuz Im hot all the time!!! ;)