Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Tips & Tricks in SL

Ok everyone….here are a few SL hints and tips that hopefully make your second life a little easier or more interesting. Some, if not all of them you may already know but for some it will be new, so for the guru’s, bear with us, I am sure over the coming weeks you will find a gem or two. Please feel free to add your own tips or tricks in comments.

1. Ok you have lost that favourite parasol in the sand and you just can’t see it. Simply go up to your top menu and click on the “advanced” tab……….scroll down to “rendering”……then select “types”….then “surface patch” or “water” depending on what you want to remove (when you click on “water” or “surface patch” an X will appear next to them) and VOILA the ground and the water completely disappear Now you can see and grab that pesky parasol. To reverse this just select them again.

2. Need to check on LAG. Click on “help” at the top of your screen and then “lag meter”. Selecting this will open a small box with lag indications for Client, Server & Network. Client is at your end, Network is somewhere between your computer and Linden Labs and Server is at Linden Labs end.

3. Want to take sneaky snapshot without anyone hearing that nasty click whirrrr…….go to that “advanced” menu again and select “quiet snapshot to disk”. This cancels out the noise & stops your avatar making that goofy “I’m taking a picture” pose!

4. Your typing with someone in your chat box or IM and you want to see their profile. Simply click on their name I the chat box and zap! Their profile appears.

Ok there is 4 to get you started…..all have their own keyboard shortcuts, you will find these next to the individual setting. We would love to hear your own tips. We will keep updating this and make it available to any new residents. Next time I will delve a little deeper into the advance menu!!!

Have fun!!!
And now..for another helpful hint....
Hi everyone!! Here are some helpful hints about TV's. Since Tribe land is group owned, most TV's need to be deeded to Tribe Group in order to work....HOWEVER this is not the case for all TV's!!! So....first, read the notecard that comes with your television. IF the notecard tells you that you need to deed your TV if the land is group- owned , do the following:
1. Place the TV where you want it
2. Right click on your TV and go to EDIT
3. Set the group to TRIBE
4. Tick the ‘share with group’ box
5. Click the highlighted DEED button.
6. Your TV should now be Group Owned
Your TV is ready to play! A few suggestions if your TV is NOT working.
* Do you have Quicktime installed? All TV’s in SL work with Quicktime.
* Check your preferences ! At the top of your Screen, go to EDIT, then PREFERENCES. Go to AUDIO & VIDEO and make sure to check that your volume is turned up on your MEDIA. Also, under Streaming Preferences, make sure you have the box ticked that says: Play streaming media when available.
*One last thing to check!! Right click on the land. Go to ABOUT LAND and then to the MEDIA TAB. You will need the following fields filled in:
Media Type: That should be Movie or Web Content
Media URL : that will be the URL of either the web content or the movie
Texture: that should be the same texture that is on your TV screen
You are ready to Rock and Roll! If you are still having difficulties, the best thing to do is to contact the creator as they know the particulars of their own creations the best! We highly recommend buying your tv’s from creators who are customer service friendly. Speaking of that very thing, please let me know if you are particularly pleased with your TV and their customer service. Good products are good to know about! So…happy viewing to all you Tribe TV fans!!!! Hope this helps!!! Hugs and all that other yummy stuff......The Tribe Team xxx


  1. Shannon Kaffebaum3 February 2009 at 13:29

    Turn off the typing animation.... Please!! (I know some AOs take care of this but theres no excuse to do it when your AO is turned off :oP )

    Press "CTRL" , "ALT" and "D" (no not delete) to bring up your advanced menu. Go into it and select Debug Settings and in the box type "PlayTypingAnim". Once this has popped up with the description you will see a drop down menu that says "TRUE"... change it to read "FALSE" and voila... no more newb sounds and actions!

    Make sure you tell those you see doing it too :D

  2. Can't stand shadows on your av's face in-world?

    In your SL client menu, go to World -> Environment Settings -> Environment Editor

    The Advanced Sky Editor menu should pop up on your screen. Click on the Lighting Tab, find the Sun/Moon position bar, and drag it towards the left to make it 0. The world will look dark but fret not, drag Scene Gamma until there is sufficient light in the world. Do not drag the Scene Gamma to the max cos the world will be too bright for the eyes.

    You can also play around with the settings. As long as u don't save the settings, the settings will not be permanent. So have fun!

    I learn this tip from http://juicybomb.typepad.com/blog/2008/09/gogos-lighting.html and there are also other SL tips under the blogger's category of "My Tutorials".

  3. Both totally awesome tips!!!! Thanks both of you :))))


  4. Thanks for the great hints! It's cool to see what people use to make SL a bit easier! Keep those tips coming!!!

    Alexxa xx

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  7. You can also remove the typing animation through your preferences now. Go to Edit > Preferences. Click the "Text Chat" tab. Uncheck the box that says "Play typing animation when chatting." Viola!

    You can add a drop down menu to your login screen which can be used to select where you will start. (ie. Your last location or your Home location or a location you specify) To do this, go to Edit > Preferences. Click the "General" tab. Check the box next to "Show start location on login screen" This will help for those nasty SL crashes allowing you to appear right back where you crashed.

    You can change the look of SL to a sleeker silver look by going to Edit > Preferences. Click the "Skins" tab. Click the "Silver" radio button.