Monday, 23 February 2009


When Alexxa and I first heard Naphtali Hawks (AKA Daddy Teacha) perform at a friends nightclub we both just KNEW he was totally right for Tribe Islands and the Residents Party....and he did not disappoint!! With his kicking Reggae Vibes and his awesome interaction with the audience, "Daddy Teacha" placed a smile on everyones face!!! He set the tone for a great party which saw his enthusiasm infect all who were present!! With over an hour of music and laughs followed by another hour of dancing.......competitions....and general mayhem this surely was a PAHHHHRTTTYYY to remember. "BLESSED BE".

Below you will find some pics of the event, lots of colour and smiles...thanks to ALL those that made it such a FABULOUS event. We look forward to hosting the next WATCH THIS SPACE!!! (click the image to see bigger version)

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