Saturday, 3 October 2009


Mont-St Michel is a small rocky island about 1km from the north coast of France at the mouth of the Couesnon River in Normandy.

The mount is best known for the medieval Benedictine Abbey and steepled church that occupies most of the 1 km diameter clump of rocks jutting out of the waters of the English Channel.

Now, it has been faithfully reproduced in Second Life by Moeka Kohime on the sims Edelweiss and Mont Saint Michel.

It is a stunning piece of work and well worth a visit. Having been to the Real version years ago, I can only say that the SL version brought many memories flooding back at every turn. The build has an "atmosphere" all of its own from the grand church atop the Mont to the shops in the narrow walkways.

So if you want a taste of Northern France and European History take a limo over to see a very impressive addition to Second Life.

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