Tuesday, 6 October 2009

The Places We Will Go!!!

When I first came into Second Life a friend suggested I go visit the "Lost Gardens of Apollo" to get a feel for the potential of SL.
Well I was not disappointed then and I was not disappointed again today when I popped over to remind myself of those early days of stubmbling around (I was sober).

The Lost Gardens are a delicious mix of Classical history and romantic bliss. Towers reach for the Gods and below imposing column walkways.

If I may suggest, a tour on foot is your best bet to really get the feel for the sim. Then a fly around to see the splendid views.

And if it is guys looking for brownie points....take your gal ;)


  1. I go there a lot, it´s nice and quiet and beautiful to look at. I recommend it for anyone who wants to take a break or your loved one to a romatic spot.

  2. Magnus,
    Glad you are checking these places out! We would love to hear any residents' suggestions as well. Good to broaden horizons...literally!!! Thanks for the input, Magnus!