Thursday, 7 August 2008


I have chewed on this subject for the past week and I have decided that while the subject is indeed tasty, I need to have a more varied flavor. THAT, my sweet readers, is where YOU come in! After watching the video on ‘The Morning Show’…the one with Kevin Alderman , aka Stroker Serpentine, I find myself being drawn to the part where his wife speaks about how she feels about her husband ( er…that would be Stroker) having a relationship with Fire ( his SL wife) and his obvious discomfort when he is asked, “Are you in love with Fire? ” The wife defends her position and claims she is a-okay with Stroker not only engaging in (and er…enjoying ..if you catch my drift) cybersex but she is okay with him being in love with his SL wife as well. If you feel like you have been dropped smack dab in the middle of “The Jerry Springer Show”…. join the club! So…this leads me to my question: Is cybersex “Much Ado About Nothing” or is it more like a real life “Romeo and Juliet? “

On the one hand (yes…go ahead…groan…obvious pun intended), I have heard some people’s opinions who think of cyber sex as nothing more than a bit of fun, a harmless flirtation, a duet of safe sex and excitement. On the other hand, I have been told by people that in their opinion, cybersex is a betrayal of trust, an infidelity, an obvious straying outside the boundaries of a committed relationship. I have read and heard different opinions about the matter…ranging from the contention that cybersex increases a person’s libido and as a result it is GREAT for the relationship. On the flip side of that…. some people opine that cybersex is not only a form of physical infidelity but worse still, it is emotional infidelity. There seems to be plenty of grey area, haze and a general fogginess on this whole issue. The fact of the matter is this: the lines HAVE become blurred .So I began to question and I wanted to see what YOU think! (POLL is right next to this post) Come closer....that’s it…just a bit closer….as you are about to get a peek into my brain! ( YIKES!!!! ) Here are some of my questions : For instance…if your significant other knows of your dalliance…is it okay? If you just talk in a sexually explicit manner but do not reach orgasm…is that ok? If you become attached emotionally…is that the benchmark to be used to label it as cheating? If your relationship with the person behind the avatar takes time away from your RL spouse or s/o….is that then cheating.? In this world of Super size meals, instant gratification, and feeling good about yourself…. do we want the best of BOTH worlds? Is online sex mere fantasy or very much a reality?


  1. i'll cast my late vote and comment here...a big 'no its not'. yes its dishonest. yes it can damage an rl relationship. yes the emotional attachments one can form out here are real. yes sl sex can be very stimulating and can even lead to rl sex... but - i'm sorry, but i won't be convinced that typing on a keyboard alone and pleasuring one's self is the same as having hot sweaty rl sex. just as playing madden football on a ps2 is not the same as playing a real game of pick up in the park. similar in concept, but way different in reality.

  2. First off you should not do anything here that you would not do in real life, therefore if you wouldn't do it with your spouse's knowledge then don't. (so glad my spouse and I both flirt in SL knowingly) As for the rest... If RL sex is incredibly cerebral in the first place then why is sl sex any different?