Thursday, 25 March 2010


You may have noticed that things have been fairly quiet on the blog of late for which we apologise. However, there is a reason.
The Tribe team have been putting the final preparations to what is a big step for Tribe Islands.

We are happy to announce that Tribe have taken over the ownership and running of Poitier Estates.
Previously owned and run by Zyntia & Finn Poitier, Poitier Estates consists of 62 Homestead Islands & 1 Full Sim.
Zyn and Finn have created a chain of beautifully themed homestead islands that are well run and very popular. The Estate is a great fit for Tribe and will add another dimension to our existing Islands.
This will not in anyway affect the way we operate, except of course it will allow us to offer more choice. There will be very little change to Poitier Estates going forward save for a few branding changes.
Our commitment to customer service and security will remain our focus.

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome all the Poitier Residents to the Tribe Family and assure them that it will be business as usual for them.

All of us at Tribe are very excited about this addition.

To Visit The Land Sales Centre for the Estate - CLICK HERE
For more information contact Alexxa Despres


  1. Magnus Wakowkski27 March 2010 at 10:19

    I there!

    I just wanted to say hello to all our new residents from Poitier Estates.
    My name is Magnus Wakowski, i am a Tribe Island salesagent and im looking forward to seeing all you new people in the days and weeks to come. If you want to chat, ask me anything or just hang, send me an IM. :)

    Once again, welcome guys!

  2. Welcome...welcome all of you !!! I have spoken to some of you and over the next few days hope I will get to peak to even more of you! Watch the blog for an upcoming announcement about a get together!!! See you soon!!!

  3. welcome ...welcome to all of you! I have spoken to quite a few of you and hope to speak to more of you in the days to come!!! Keep an eye on this BLOG for an announcement about a get together! See you soon!