Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Linden Lab have offered up their "Message Of The Day" (MOTD) area on the login screen to Second life advertisers. *see here*
This could pave the way for a lot of advertising appearing on login and teleport screens. Possibly to include full display adverts and banners.

Is this a good thing for SL or would it be the degradation of an important communication tool for the residents in respect of official messages?
No doubt for those that wish to advertise their SL wares this may be a great development but before you start leaping up and down at this new opportunity you should be aware of something.

To advertise a 100 character advert on the login screen for 11.5 hours on one given day will set you back $4500. Yes thats right $4500!! Unless of course you want to advertise for 11.5 hours "off peak" and in that case it is $1500.

Now I don't know about you, but we (Tribe) do a fair bit of advertising in-world and out-world but $4500 for ANY advertising would be a long long way away from our spend. And I would suspect that the same applies to the vast majority of in-world businesses.

So who are LL targeting with this opportunity? There are very few businesses in SL that could possibly afford this and that is if they even wanted to. Apart from the fact that this is an unproven medium and the metrics that the lab are offering is almost zilch there is the lack of any slurl link being attached to the message and questions of sims being able to cope with the avatar load that an ad could generate.

So who?
Could it be that the proposed target are RL companies.

Could we soon be seeing the likes of Coca Cola, Burger King and GM promoting their wares to us as we log in to SL.

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  1. Magnus Wakowski17 March 2010 at 07:33

    Bold move, but the price is very high. Inworld existing companies will have a tought time finding the economy to advertise with those prices. I think perhaps LL is aiming outside SL to get more RL companys to come into SL. For companys like Coca-Cola and McDonalds $4500 is a bargain, to inworld companys its a ripp off.

  2. Amen to what Magnus said. It's better to advertise on resident run websites as that not only supports fellow residents but that's where people see/pay attention to adverts (as readers also want to see resident run stuff flourish). In my 3 years in SL I've never once read the MOTD. (I am also guilty of not reading it on IRC and my shell as well).

  3. I find it hard to believe LL are heading for the Outside companies like Coca-cola, 4500 would be a very cheap price. LL would be charging a lot more. I do read MOTD but as for In world companies advertising not sure it would be cost effect, unless they are advertising for charity events.
    Off peak is that UK times as opposed to USA times. 1500 is more reasonable for UK based in world buisness types.